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May 9th, 2011

Chris Reed: History Channel’s Top Shot at the NRA Annual Meeting

This story, by Lars Dalseide, appears courtesy the NRA Blog

chris reed top shotChris Reed of The History Channel’s Top Shot TV Show has been a busy man as of late. The final episode of Season 2, which aired just over a week ago, saw Chris get the best of 10-time NRA pistol Champ Brian Zins during the final round to officially claim the title of Top Shot. Two days later, reporter Lars Dalseide found him on the floor of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the NRA’s 140th Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

“Oh man it’s been crazy at times,” said Reed. “Every day events like grocery shopping or a thing with the kids can turn into a mad house. But I’m enjoying it all while I can.”

A self-described “good ole country boy” from Tennessee, Chris Reed’s sudden rise to fame doesn’t mean his role in the household has changed all that much. He still gets the kids ready for school, performs assigned chores around the house, and prepares a mean dinner. Still, they were nice enough to reserve Tuesday nights to see if Dad could survive one more week on the show. “My friends and family have been very supportive throughout the show,” Reed explained. “We’ve all got together for a Top Shot party every Tuesday night for the last 12 weeks. It’s been a blast.”

Read has received plenty of attention: “It’s almost rock star status — Lot of folks ask for pictures and autographs … it’s been real nice. Get this, people in charge of my high school reunion called. They want to move it up a year and give it a Top Shot theme. That’s something.”

chris reed top shotEven though season two of The History Channel’s Top Shot has officially come to a close, that doesn’t mean the relationship built in the hills of Santa Clarita, California have ended as well.

“I still keep up with George and Joe. I’ve talked to Gunny quite a bit. We all stay fairly close and talk about once a week. If I can work it out, maybe come up to Camp Perry (for the Pistol Championships) and give Gunny the what for. I’m squared away on that.”

Text and photos copyright 2011 NRA Blog.

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May 9th, 2011

New Low Boy Benchrest Stock from Precision Rifle & Tool

Ray Bowman of Precision Rifle & Tool LLC (PR&T) has a new stock design, the Low Boy Benchrest, that combines the successful features of PR&T’s F-Class stock with a rear end better suited to shooting from the bench. As you may know, PR&T’s F-Class stock, in the hands of Charles Ballard and others, has been hugely successful in F-Class competition. The new Low Boy Benchrest stock borrows the same low-profile front end, but it is different from the tang rearward.

While the Low Boy F-Class stock is designed so you wrap your thumb around (like holding a pistol), the Low Boy BR stock is designed so you can slip your hand along the side, with thumb rested lightly behind the tang, in a central position. Unlike the F-Class stock, which is designed for full grip “hard-holding”, this stock is designed for shooting with a “light hold” style (or even free recoil). These stocks are very straight dimensionally, so they track well.

We think this stock will work very well for 600-yard and 1000-yard Light Gun Benchrest competition. This Editor likes the stock enough that I am considering using a Low Boy Benchrest stock for a future Light Gun project with a Stiller Viper Drop-Port. The Low Boy BR stocks are affordable — starting at $330.00 for an un-inletted version with a 3″-wide fore-end. Inletting adds just $25.00 to the total. PR&T can also pillar-bed your action in the stock for an additional $225.00.

Handsome Bat-Action BRX in Low Boy BR Stock
The blue-stocked rifle in the photos belongs to FORUM member Bo W. (aka “Sighter”). It is a 6BRX with a BAT MB, multi-flat action. The finish and painting work on the PR&T Low Boy BR stock was done by Tuck. Sighter rates the stock highly, but he thinks the standard configuration sits a bit high in the back: “I like the stock and it tracks fine, but I feel the F-Class style height causes it to ride a bit higher in the bags than needed. I talked about this with Ray Bowman [PR&T owner] and have since ordered two more Low Boy BR stocks. With the last two, Ray cut about 3/4″ off the bottom of the stock butt and kept about a .67″ flat so a double-stitch bag will work. It is now more similar to a Tracker.” Shown below is a Low Boy BR stock with the reduced height option.

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May 9th, 2011

S&W Rebates for Active, Retired, Disabled Military and Reservists

Smith Wesson Military rebateSmith & Wesson now offers a rebate program providing substantial savings on gun purchases for active, retired, and disabled U.S. Military personnel and Reservists. This program, which runs now through December 31, 2011, provides rebates on M&P rifles, M&P pistols, and S&W revolvers. Rifle rebates are $100.00 while pistol and revolver rebates are $50.00. Purchase rebates are limited to one rifle, one pistol, and one revolver per customer. CLICK HERE for details.

CLICK HERE to download Rebate Coupon PDF

REBATE RULES: This offer is available to ALL active duty U.S. Military, Retired Military with retired Military Status, active National Guard Reservists and Disabled Veterans of all U.S. Military branches including U.S. Coast Guard. U.S. Residents only. To qualify, customers must submit the following documentation: 1) the Redemption Coupon; 2) a copy of sales receipt; and 3) a copy of the front side of your Military ID card (active or retired) or, a copy of a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or, a copy of your Military Orders. All requests for rebates must be postmarked no later than January 16, 2012. If submitting LES or Military Orders, please attach a copy of your driver’s license. Factory direct and Law Enforcement Agency purchases do not qualify.

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