July 9th, 2020

Practice Marksmanship at Home with Creedmoor’s Air Gun Range

Creedmoor sports air rifle airgun practice indoor range curtain targets

Air Rifle Range BackstopWith the COVID-19 Pandemic, many shooting ranges remain closed or severely restricted. And in some cities there are still stay-at-home orders in place. If you’re an avid rifleman who enjoys shooting regularly, the Pandemic lock-down can bring withdrawal pains. The closure of outdoor ranges can mean months of forced inactivity, unless you have indoor shooting solution — such as this indoor airgun target backer system from Creedmoor Sports.

If you cannot practice at a nearby public range, Creedmoor Sports offers a great solution for those who want to shoot indoors — even in your own basement or garage.

Creedmoor’s patented 10m Air Gun Range provides a target holder and a curtain-type backstop capable of stopping pellets with a muzzle velocity up to 600 fps. The target boxes can be positioned at various heights for prone, kneeling, and standing. Creedmoor says the hardened steel target boxes provide 100% containment for any pellet passing through the target.

The 10M Air Gun Range is sold as a one-station range for $425.00 (item AGR-SINGLE), a 3-station configuration for $1614.00 (item AGR), or as a 6-point firing point for clubs for $3228.00.) For personal use, the one-station range is what you want — and it’s affordable at $425.00.

Creedmoor’s Air Gun Range is a proven, heavy duty product — the only Air Rifle target system ever tested and approved by the U.S. Military. This system is now being used in more than 800 schools nationwide, as well as the CMP shooting facility in Alabama. The 3-station range easily dis-assembles for transport and storage, fitting inside a 34″ x 10″ x 8″ carry duffle. The one-station range measures 84″ high x 30″ wide when assembled.

The Portable Air Gun Range comes with a durable curtain/ backstop that sets up quickly and easily. Velcro edging allows multiple curtains to be joined together. The curtain provides ample stopping power for air pellets. However, this is NEVER to be used with rimfire or centerfire rounds, or even high-energy pneumatic hunting rifles. This is for standard airguns only. That could be a $100 Crosman, or a $3600.00 Model 9003 S2 Anschutz:

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