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February 18th, 2018

Handy UV Bore Light — Big Fiber Optic for Pistol Barrels

UV Bore light Birchwood Casey Fiber Optic
Put the short “J” end of the UV Bore Light in the chamber area. Always make sure your firearm is unloaded. Doubles as a chamber flag for most calibers.

Let there be light… Here’s a handy new device for pistol shooters. Birchwood Casey has come up with a large-diameter “J”-shaped fiber optic tube designed to illuminate pistol barrels without the need for batteries. The Birchwood Casey® UV Bore Light allows gun owners to quickly check the bore of their firearm for obstructions, dirt and fouling.

UV Bore light Birchwood Casey Fiber OpticThe UV Bore light is an innovative design that uses ambient light instead of batteries. Simply put the short “J” end of the bore light in the chamber area of your unloaded gun and it will provide enough illumination to check the bore.

The UV Bore Light also doubles as a safe-chamber flag for most guns. To use the UV Bore Light as a chamber flag, place the LONG end of the Bore Light in the CHAMBER end of the barrel — see photo.

The Birchwood Casey UV Bore Light is inexpensive. It’s sold by the pair in a two-pack priced at $5.40 MSRP.

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January 16th, 2014

Snapshots from SHOT Show 2014 — Eye-Catching Products

With over 1600 exhibitors, there are tens of thousands of products on display at the 2014 SHOT Show. Here are some products that caught our eye as we walked the aisles of the Sands Expo Center.

Pedersoli Sharps
This is an engraved action (with gold inlays), the centerpiece of a presentation-grade Sharps rifle from Davide Pedersoli of Italy. It’s nice to see old-world craftsmanship applied to a classic American design.

SHOT Show 2014 Product Photo

Crazy Customized SIG Pistols
Here are two completely over-the-top, highly customized SIG pistols. On the cowboy-themed pistol on the foreground, a saddle horn serves as the front sight, and the beavertail features a gold-plated spur that actually spins. The SIG in the rear has an elaborate metal carving of a bear that wraps over the top of the slide. The carved tail of a salmon forms the rear sight.

SIG Cowboy custom pistols

Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder
The only new smokeless propellant displayed at the Hodgdon booth was CFE Pistol. Like the original CFE 223 powder for rifle cartridges, CFE Pistol is formulated to deliver reduced copper fouling. Hodgdon says: “Shoot More, Clean Less” with CFE Pistol powder.


Recknagel of Germany Front Sights
Here is a display of hi-viz and fiber-optic front sights from German gun parts-maker Recknagel. Someone spent a lot of time putting this display together in such an artistic way.


Schmidt & Bender Scope Receives Info from Sensing Devices
Digital read-out on Schmidt & Bender 3-27x56mm PM II will display info from ballistic computers, laser rangefinders, or wind measurement devices. This is an early prototype only — not “ready for prime time”. The digital info is all generated “off-scope”. The fixture on the eyepiece end of the S&B scope merely receives info from the external device(s) and displays it in the shooter’s viewing field.


CCI Suppressor 22 LR Ammo
CCI will offer a new “Suppressor 22″ cartridge for 2014. CCI selected a fairly heavy, 45-grain bullet, and tweaked the propellant to ensure that all rounds out of the box will run sub-sonic, even with the expected mass-production velocity variations. Designed for use in suppressed rimfire rifles, Spec Velocity is 970 FPS. CCI claims that this ammo works well on small varmints because the large hollowpoint in the 45-grain bullet provides excellent bullet expansion.


Pelican Scope Case
This Pelican IM2306 is specifically designed to carry high-end riflescopes. Measuring 18.2″ L x 8.4″ W x 6.7″ high (on the outside), this Pelican case has a waterproof seal and rugged exterior. “Pluckable” interior foam allows you to custom fit the case to your precious optic.

Pelican Scope Case

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June 17th, 2011

Ruger Releases 10-Shot Single-Ten™ Revolver

Ruger has introduced a 10-shot version of its popular single-action rimfire revolver. The new “Single-Ten” will augment the venerable Single-Six, one of Ruger’s best sellers over the years. The Single-Ten features a ten-shot cylinder (chambered for .22LR) and is constructed from satin-finished stainless steel. The Single Ten comes with a 5.5″-long, 6-groove, 1:14″-twist barrel and is fitted with Williams™ adjustable hi-viz fiber optic sights. Single-Ten™ models feature smooth, walnut “Gunfighter”-style grips. The gun weighs 38 ounces, and is 11.00 inches overall. MSRP is $619.00.

Ruger Single Ten

Editor’s Commentary: I like the idea of Ruger’s Single Ten. I personally think every shooter should have a quality rimfire revolver for training, plinking, and general outdoor use. I’ve put hundreds of rounds through a six-shot S&W m63 “Kit Gun”, and I currently own a Smith & Wesson Model 617 10-shot rimfire revolver. Rimfire revolvers are great — they are simple, accurate, and inexpensive to shoot. Based on my experience with the S&W Kit Gun and m617, I can say that ten shots really do beat six. You spend less time loading/unloading and more time shooting. Most 50-round factory ammo packs have five-round rows, so it’s logical to load 10 rounds in a cylinder. And, being able to shoot 10 rounds between reloads is a definite advantage in some gun games. So, overall, I think it’s great that Ruger now offers 10-round capacity in its single-action revolver.

Ruger Single Ten

Ruger Should Offer a Modern Grip Option
I’m disappointed that Ruger is not offering a Bisley-style grip or a normal full-length target grip as an option for the new Single Ten. The short “Gunfighter-style” grips were developed for heavy-recoiling big-bore revolvers, shot one-handed. The short length is designed to allow the gun to rotate backwards on recoil (with your little finger UNDER the base of the grip). The rotation assists with cocking the hammer for the next round. Well, rimfire revolvers don’t work that way. Except for children and women with small hands, the Gunfighter grip is basically too short to allow a comfortable grip with all fingers on the gun. And the grip is likewise poorly shaped for a two-handed hold. We understand Ruger wanted the Single-10 to look like a vintage Colt SAA. However, for target work, it would be much better to have a longer grip that permits shooters to: 1) hold the gun comfortably with ALL the fingers of one hand; and, 2) use the gun with a modern, two-handed hold.

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