May 2nd, 2015

Historic Colt Paterson Revolver Sells for $414,000

Colt Engraved Patterson Revolver Auction RIA
This handsome Paterson revolver, the earliest known, factory-engraved Colt, sold for remarkable $414,000 at an April 2015 RIA auction.

Gun prices climbed into the stratosphere last month during the 2015 April Premiere Firearms Auction conducted by the Rock Island Auction Company (RIA). The most expensive gun at auction was an historic Colt Paterson, the first-ever factory-engraved Colt handgun. Complete with the original fitted factory case with various accessories, this Paterson inspired a bidding war that saw the price rise to a stunning $414,000. That is an amazingly high price for a gun that was not owned by a well-known historic personage. Generally, to command a price in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars, a gun must have a significant historic provenance — such as having been owned by a legendary figure such as Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp.

It seems like prices continue to rise every year at auctions of historic and collectible firearms. At RIA’s April Premier Auction, the total sale value of the auctioned guns topped $11.6 million. Remarkably, a first-year production Colt Python (serial #170) sold for $17,250! That makes this Editor regret not having acquired an early model Snake decades ago.

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May 6th, 2013

Firearms Guide 4th Ed. Includes 57,000 gun types, 39,000 Photos

With information on over 57,000 firearms, the Firearms Guide is the most comprehensive resource on guns ever created. And now it’s bigger and better than ever. The updated 4th Edition of the Firearms Guide is now available on dual-layer DVD for $39.95 from Impressum Media. The PC Version is available right now, while the Apple OS version ships on May 15, 2013.

Think of this as a digital encyclopedia of guns — the mother of all gun reference guides. The sheer amount of information is mind-boggling. The Firearms Guide covers over 57,000 models of rifles, pistols, shotguns, air rifles, and air pistols from 630 manufacturers. Products are illustrated with 39,000 high-res color photos, plus 4,300+ schematics with parts lists for 360 gun-makers. If you’re a gunsmith or armorer, you’ll want to buy this DVD, just to have the searchable schematics with part numbers handy.

Video Shows Search Functions on DVD

If you are a gun collector, or just an information junkie, you’ll find this DVD to be an invaluable resource. The DVD’s scope is truly worldwide, with coverage of gun makers in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, South Africa and Asia as well as North America. With the DVD’s search capability you can search by gun caliber, manufacturer, and key features (e.g. “.223 Rem, Colt, folding stock”). There are 14 different search criteria — this allows you to “drill down” precisely to find the gun you want in seconds. Shown below are typical profiles of listed products:

Here are some of the useful bonus features included on the the $39.95 DVD. says the DVD is “worth the price for the target images alone”.

  • 500 Printable Targets: game animals, silhouettes, crosshairs, sight-ins, fun targets.
  • FFL Locator – Searchable database of over 62,000 gun dealers in the USA with contact info.
  • US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart: Cartridge equivalency charts identify the correct domestic equivalent of European ammo.
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June 4th, 2010

‘Gun Road Show’ in North Dakota June 12-13

Gun Road Show RIA AuctionA “Gun Road Show” (along the lines of TV’s “Antique Road Show”) will be held at at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora, North Dakota, June 12-13. The event will feature National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Doug Wicklund, who will provide appraisals of historic firearms brought in by visitors. Wicklund will be evaluating firearms from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday and 12 to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Hall. Organizers have established a one-firearm-per-person limit, and require each participant to have their gun checked at the door.

The Cowboy Hall of Fame is located in downtown Medora, ND, at the gate of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. “The last time I was in Medora, some fantastic guns came in for me to review,” Wicklund said. “I’m looking forward to seeing more pieces of Western history.” Shown below are two classic American arms recently sold at the Rock Island Auction. Perhaps similar valuable classics will be “discovered” at the “Gun Road Show”.

Gun Road Show RIA Auction

Gun Road Show RIA Auction

Saturday evening at 7:00 pm, Wicklund will host a free “Guns of the West” seminar. Wicklund will display famous guns of 19th-century outlaws and lawmen as well as famous Hollywood firearms, including the Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolver Clint Eastwood used in the Dirty Harry movie. Many of these arms are normally on display at the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

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