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March 28th, 2019

Camo Wamo — Great Deals on Camo Gear for Hunters and Hikers

Camo camouflage hunting hiking bdu DPM UBAC combat italian britain NATO clothing pants jacket
These British Army shirts feature moisture-wicking mesh plus padded shoulders, elbows, and forearms.

Are you planning some serious hunts this year? Good camouflage clothing can help with your stalking. Or maybe you just need some good, durable togs for hiking and camping. This week high-quality military surplus camo gear is on sale at Sportsman’s Guide. Choose a comfortable British military zip-front shirt, or get an Italian military jacket and pants set. Two British Shirts (shown above) are available — the Desert DPM Shirt for $18.99 ($17.09 SG Club Price) and the UBAC Combat Shirt for $20.09 ($18.09 Club).

Camo camouflage hunting hiking bdu DPM UBAC combat italian britain NATO clothing pants jacket

The Ripstop BDU Jacket is $12.99 ($11.09 Club) while the Ripstop BDU Pants are $13.99 ($12.59 Club).

With these great deals, you can put together a complete, durable camo outfit for under fifty bucks. All these items (both British and Italian) are NEW, NEVER ISSUED condition. We like these BDU pants for general “rough-duty” wear, such as doing yardwork, trail-hiking, or orienteering. And the UBAC shirt is great for cool-weather camping trips.

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February 24th, 2017

How “Gun Smart” Are You? Take the Shoot 101 Test…

Shoot 101 Quiz
How much of an expert are you when it comes to firearms and ballistics? Test your knowledge with this interactive test. Vista Outdoors (formerly ATK Sporting Group) has launched a new multi-platform media campaign called Shoot 101, which provides “how to” information about shooting, optics, and outdoor gear.

On the Shoot 101 website, you’ll find a Ballistics Quiz. The questions are pretty basic, but it’s still fun to see if you get all the answers correct.

You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. Roughly a third of the questions are about projectile types and bullet construction. Note, for some reason the layout doesn’t show all the possible answers at first. So, for each question, be sure to scroll down using the blue scroll bar on the right.

CLICK HERE to Go to Ballistics QUIZ Page

Sample Ballistics Question

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May 4th, 2015

Video Shows Berger Bullets Being Made

Berger Bullets Factory Jacket Video Assembly

Ever wondered how a modern, jacketed bullet is made? Thanks to Berger Bullets, here’s a short video clip that shows how bullets are crafted. In this short sequence filmed at Berger’s factory, you can see machinery that forms the jacket, inserts the core, and then forms the final shape.

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January 2nd, 2013

Berger Hybrid Bullets — What You Need to Know

2013 SHOT Show Las VegasSHOT Show 2013 kicks off in two weeks in Las Vegas. One of our top priorities is to talk with the bullet makers from Berger, Hornady, Lapua, and Nosler.

At SHOT Show 2012 we chatted with Berger Ballistician Bryan Litz about Berger’s popular line of Hybrid bullets. Berger now offers a wide range of Hybrids in multiple calibers and weights. In fact, for .30-Caliber shooters, Berger now offers six different Hybrid match bullets, with weights from 155 grains up to 230 grains. New .338 Cal Tactical Hybrids were released in 2012 and big .375 Cal, and .408 Cal Hybrids are in the works (read more below).

Bryan tells us: “The hybrid design is Berger’s solution to the age old problem of precision vs. ease of use. This design is making life easier for handloaders as well as providing opportunities for commercial ammo loaders who need to offer a high performance round that also shoots precisely in many rifles with various chamber/throat configurations.”

For those not familiar with Hybrid bullets, the Hybrid design blends two common bullet nose shapes on the front section of the bullet (from the tip to the start of the bearing surface). Most of the curved section of the bullet has a Secant (VLD-style) ogive for low drag. This then blends in a Tangent-style ogive curve further back, where the bullet first contacts the rifling. The Tangent section makes seating depth less critical to accuracy, so the Hybrid bullet can shoot well through a range of seating depths, even though it has a very high Ballistic Coefficient (BC).

In the video we asked Bryan for recommended seating depths for 7mm and .30-Caliber Hybrid bullets. Bryan advises that, as a starting point, Hybrid bullets be seated .015″ (fifteen thousandths) off the lands in most barrels. Watch the video for more tips how to optimize your loads with Hybrid bullets.

Berger Hybrid Bullet

Berger is Developing New Large-Caliber and Hunting Hybrids
In related news, Berger announced that it will be offering a series of .338-caliber Hybrids. First Berger is reintroducing the Gen 1 .338 Cal, 300gr Hybrid bullet in Berger’s Hunting line. Berger will also be making a 250gr Hybrid Hunting bullet using the same type of jacket as the original Gen 1 300gr Hybrid bullet. In addition, Berger has released a .338 Cal 250gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical bullet, along with a 300gr Match Hybrid OTM Tactical projectile.

More big bullets are on the drawing board. Our source says “.375 Caliber and then .408 Caliber are the next new calibers to be made at Berger”. These are in the design phase, and Berger needs to build a new machine, so the .375s and .408s will not be available until 2013 at the earliest.

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November 27th, 2007

Bargain Days at Sierra Trading Post

I know most of this site’s readers on this site would spend their last dime on bullets and powder. But sometimes, you do have to purchase other essentials such as winter clothing and outdoor gear. Plus it’s the holiday season again, and that means gifts for the family.

Sierra Trading Post

Today we’re featuring Sierra Trading Post. This is a solid company that provides a wide variety of products for the outdoorsman, at sometimes spectacular prices. This editor has personally shopped with Sierra Trading Post for years, and just today I purchased two items, a Windstopper® Base Layer Shirt (item 12991) for winter motorcycling, and a set of Kenyon Polarskins polypro long johns (item 13854) for snow sports. At $16.95, the Polarskins are half the price I’d pay for a similar product from most outlets.

Sierra Trading Post is now running a huge promotion, with every item at least 50% off retail. Here are some products of interest to shooters and hunters:

Black Diamond Head lamp

I’ve got one of these LED lamps. It is much lighter than most other “headband lamps” and the battery lasts a long time. I use it for camping, reading, and even in the reloading room in the evening for extra illumination.

Winchester Upland Jacket

For $39.95, this Blaze Orange/Khaki Winchester Upland hunting jacket is a great bargain, though it’s not waterproof. What I really like is that it comes with TWO fleece inner liners–a vest and a full-sleeved inner jacket, both of which can be worn separately. It even has cartridge holders in the front and a game pouch on the back. Here’s what one purchaser has to say: “Have worn this in thick bushland, stands up to abuse, and with blaze orange built in, no need for extra items of [hunting] clothing. Very adaptable with warm vest that can be removed if too warm”.

Steiner 7x50 Binoculars

If you want a pair of armored binoculars that will last a lifetime, these 7×50 Waterproof Steiners are a great deal at $274.50. Even at “ultra-discount” warehouse stores, 7×50 Marine Steiners sell for $300-320.00. These binoculars are based on the rugged Steiner mil-spec 7×50 unit used by the U.S. Army. Steiner’s fully-coated lenses are legendary for their clarity and resolution.

Sierra Trading Post isn’t all just camping and outdoor gear. There is a wide selection of other suitable gift items for the wife, kids, and relatives — wool sweaters, silk underwear, travel accessories, ski goggles… you name it.

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