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September 29th, 2021

NRA 2021 Members’ Meeting on 10/02/21 in North Carolina

NRA Annual members meeting 2021 charlotte North Carolina NC Sheraton Hotel

You probably know by now that the NRA 2021 Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston was cancelled at the last minute. The big event, originally slated for September 3-5, 2021, was called off because of health concerns related to the COVID Delta Variant.

What you probably did NOT know, was that the NRA has rescheduled its official Annual Members’ Meeting for Saturday, October 2, 2021 in North Carolina. The rescheduled event is now set for a single day at the Sheraton/Le Meridien Hotel Complex in Charlotte, NC. Space is limited, but it appears registration is still possible for NRA members (with their membership number).

NRA Annual members meeting 2021 charlotte North Carolina NC Sheraton Hotel

How to Register Online (NRA Membership Number Required)

To register for the event, you must first go to the NRA Annual Members’ Meeting Page, then click the blue button labeled “REGISTER NOW”.

2021 NRA Annual Members' meeting charlotte NC carolina Sheraton

Next, on the eTix Registration Start page that appears when you click REGISTER NOW, you must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, until you see a green tab labeled “Register”. Warning — this may be blocked by the cookie permission pop-up. On most browsers the green tab was NOT visible until the cookie warning was removed.

WARNING: Do NOT click on the blue link at the top of the page labeled “NRA Annual Member’s Meeting”. That will take you to an eTix dead-end that says “No Tickets Available”.

IMPORTANT: You must Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the page. Look for the “Number of Registrants” and GREEN button labeled “Register”. It looks like this on a large screen:

2021 NRA Annual Members' meeting charlotte NC carolina Sheraton

or like this on mobile devices:

2021 NRA Annual Members' meeting charlotte NC carolina Sheraton

Then select the number of tickets and click the green bar. You will be prompted to insert your NRA membership number(s) for the tickets you want. This should be a NINE digit number per member (do NOT use the first three zeros that may appear on some NRA communications).

If you do everything right, you should see this page:

2021 NRA Annual Members' meeting charlotte NC carolina Sheraton

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October 14th, 2019

Second Amendment Rally in Washington, DC, November 2, 2019

Second Amendment gun rights rally capitol building Washington DC November 2019
Photo by Architect of Capitol,

Gun owners, rights activists, and lovers of liberty will be gathering on the lawn of the Capitol Building in Washington DC on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, at 1:00 in the afternoon. The 2nd Amendment Rally is organized by The Firearms Coalition. We invite all interested firearms owners who can reach DC (without difficulty) to attend the rally, and show support for our Second Amendment rights.

Commentary by Jeff Knox, Firearms Coalition
This is a grassroots effort, and you are the grassroots. Without the active participation of you and other grassroots activists, this isn’t going to work. At the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference, activist Nicki Stallard characterized the difference between rights activists and gun control extremists, saying that we’re herding cats, while they are stampeding cattle. That’s pretty accurate, though I think sheep or lemmings would be more appropriate in describing anti-rights activists.

Second Amendment constitution U.S.If you live within 200 miles of DC, there is little excuse for missing this critical event, and many people who live much farther away will be doing whatever it takes to be there. Buses are being arranged by local groups from as far away as New York, Ohio, and South Carolina. Check with your local groups to see what arrangements are being made, and if they aren’t doing anything, take the initiative and volunteer to be the local coordinator to take reservations and rent a bus or van.

The core message of the 2nd Amendment Rally, is “We Are the Gun Lobby”, as in “We the People”, and we demand that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights be respected and adhered to. President Trump, Vice President Pence, Rep. Scalise, Rep. Massie, Sen. Paul, and other congressional leaders have been invited, to join with grassroots rights leaders and activists from around the country. CLICK HERE for list of speakers.

About the Firearms Coalition
The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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