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July 31st, 2017

Bargain Finder 97: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Natchez — Rock Chucker Supreme Reloading Kit, $249.99

Deals of Week RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Kit

Everything you see above can be yours for just $249.99, a great deal. Right now, Natchez is selling the Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit for $279.99. That’s a great deal considering all the hardware you get. Heck, the Rock Chucker press alone is worth $150.00+. Considering all you get, this is a heck of a deal. The Natchez price is $70-$90 cheaper than many other vendors. For example, MidwayUSA’s price is $329.99 for this same kit!

2. MidwayUSA — MagnetoSpeed Sporter, $159.99 (Promo Price)

Deals of Week RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Kit

If you have been waiting to get a MagnetoSpeed… wait no longer. Priced at just $159.99 at MidwayUSA, the MagnetoSpeed Sporter model costs less than half as much as MagnetoSpeed’s V3 models. This is a special promo price — the best we’ve found (you’ll pay $179.99 or more elsewhere). This chronograph attaches directly to your barrel so you don’t have to go downrange to position tripods and set up skyscreens. For most people the Sporter Model contains all the features they need. READ MagnetoSpeed Sporter Review.

IMPORTANT: To get the $159.99 price you must place the item in your shopping cart. Yep, this is real — we placed it in our own shopping cart to confirm, as you can see above.

3. Burris — $100 Rebate on 4-16x50mm Eliminator III LaserScope

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

The Burris Eliminator III is an impressive piece of electro-optical technology. With a push of a button, a built-in laser rangefinder senses the distance to your target and the Eliminator’s microprocessor instantly calculates the required hold-over. The calculated aiming point is then displayed in the reticle with a red dot on the vertical cross-hair. Just put the bright red dot on the target and make the shot. Burris is now offering a $100 Mail-IN Rebate on 4-16x50mm Eliminator III LaserScopes (#200116) purchased between July 1st and October 31st, 2017.

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

If you ever wanted to get one of these advanced laserscopes, now is a great time to buy. CLICK HERE for Rebate Form and Full Instructions.

4. CDNN Sports — Ruger 17 HMR American Compact, $249.99

Ruger 17 HMR American Compact

With ballistics far superior to a .22 LR, the 17 HMR is ideal for prairie dogs and small varmints out to 180 yards or so. Now you can get a reliable, name brand 17 HMR rifle for a very attractive price. That’s right, CDNN Sports is selling the 17 HMR Ruger American Rimfire Compact, with 18″ barrel, for just $249.99. That includes two (2) comb units and a FREE padded carry sling. FFL required.

5. Monmouth Reloading — Nosler RDF Bullets, $28-$29 per 100

Monmouth Nosler RDF bullets 6mm 6.5 mm Creedmoor 140 175 105 reduced drag factor

Nosler’s line of RDF (Reduced Drag Factor) bullets have high BCs for their weight. Precision shooters are reporting outstanding accuracy. Given their high performance and consistency, RDF bullets represent a superior value. At Monmouth Reloading you can get Nosler RDFs for under $29 per 100 for popular 6mm, 6.5 mm, and .30-Cal sizes. That’s up to $20 less per box than some premium brands.

6. Amazon — FosPower 10200 mAh Waterproof Charger, $22.99

FosPower USB Battery pack waterproof shockproof LED

When you’re at the range or on a hunt, it’s smart to have a USB-output battery pack for smart phone, target-cam monitor, even a LabRadar. There are many battery packs available, but most are fairly fragile, with exposed ports. This “ruggedized” FosPower 10200 mAh charger is different. It is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof. (IP67 certified: dust and water resistance for up to 3ft/1m for 30 minutes under water.) It can handle all that a PRS competitor or hunter can dish out. It even has a handy LED light. Right now it’s priced at $22.99 with FREE Shipping on combined orders over $25.00.

7. MidwayUSA — $75.00 Gift Card with SIG Optics Purchase

SIG Sauer Optics Deal $75 off certificate

Need a laser rangefinder or medium magnification riflescope? Sig Sauer makes some very high quality products and the latest SIG Kilo rangefinders are class leaders at their price points. Right now you can get a $75.00 Gift Certificate from MidwayUSA with a qualifying SIG Optics purchase. This deal is good through 8/31/2017 (the end of August). To get your $75.00 card, use Code 75GCSIG during checkout. The current qualifying products are shown above.

8. Academy Sports — Federal .22 LR Ammo, $16.99 for 325 Rds

.22 LR Federal AutoMatch Sale rimfire ammo

Here you go — name-brand rimfire ammo for just 5.23 cents per round. Can’t complain about that price. This is USA-made Federal ammo at an insanely low price — the $16.99 for 325 rounds is the equivalent of $2.61 for a 50-rd box. Can’t beat that. This Federal Auto Match .22 LR rimfire ammo features a 40gr Lead RN projectile. It feeds well in semi-auto rifles as well as bolt guns.

9. — 5% Off All Smokeless Reloading Powders Graf's powder smokeless sale

Here’s a good opportunity to stock up on your favorite reloading powders. Now through August 2, 2017, is discounting ALL smokeless reloading powders. All smokeless propellants in stock are marked down five percent (5%). This applies to Hodgdon, Alliant, Accurate, IMR, Winchester and more. NOTE: This discount expires at 11:59 pm August 2, 2017 and will NOT apply to back-ordered items.

10. Amazon — Two Rolls of 3″ Neon Target Stickers, $12.95

Red Orange Neon 3

We like these bright, Neon 3″ target stickers. They are big enough to see easily at 600 yards, giving you a 1/2 MOA target center at that distance. For $12.95 at, you get 250 3″-diameter self-adhesive centers (125 targets per roll) that stick to almost any surface The high-contrast fluorescent red/orange color provides an excellent HI-VIZ aiming point, along with good contrast for bullet holes that fall within the 3″ circle. To help line up your reticle cross-hairs, the target centers feature black markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 0’clock. NOTE: These stickers qualify for FREE Shipping with combined orders over $25.00.

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August 4th, 2016

Get $100 Off Burris Eliminator III LaserScopes

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

The Burris Eliminator III is an impressive piece of electro-optical technology. With a push of a button, a built-in laser rangefinder senses the distance to your target and the Eliminator’s microprocessor instantly calculates the required hold-over based on your load’s ballistics. The calculated aiming point is then displayed in the reticle with an illuminated red dot on the vertical cross-hair. Just put the bright red dot on the target and make the shot. We’ve used this scope out to 600 yards on small steel targets and it worked flawlessly.

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

If you ever wanted to get one of these advanced scopes for your next hunt or prarie dog safari, now is a great time to buy. Burris is now offering $100 off Burris Eliminators: “Our most popular rebate ever has returned for 2016, so if you missed out last year, this time you’ve got no excuses.” Eliminator III LaserScopes (Item # 200116 or 200120) purchased between August 1st and December 31st, are eligible for a $100 mail-in rebate. CLICK HERE for Rebate Form and Full Instructions.

Burris 2016 Eliminator III LRF Scope Rebate

To Receive Your Rebate:
Fill out the coupon with your name and shipping address and send proof of purchase the original UPC barcode from box and a copy of your sales receipt to:

Burris 2015 Eliminator III Rebate
MPS Dept. No. 446 – ELIMINATOR
P.O. Box 3250
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

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August 8th, 2012

Burris Expands Line of Eliminator Laser Rangefinding Scopes

Burris is expanding its line of Eliminator range-finding Laserscopes. Burris is rolling out three new Laserscope models: 4-16x50mm Eliminator III, plus 4-12x42mm Eliminator II, and 3.5-10x40mm Eliminator. The innovative Eliminator technology, first introduced in the original 4-12x42mm model, combines a variable-power zoom optic with a built-in Laser RangeFinder. The range-finder calculates the distance to your target, and then displays a red dot range-corrected hold-over point. Just put the dot on your target and pull the trigger. You don’t have to spin your elevation knob.

New Eliminator III Ranges at All Powers
The new top-of-the-line 4-16x50mm Eliminator III is slimmer and less bulky than the original Eliminator. The Eliminator III features a new X96 reticle that will range at any magnification, and it offers a more sophisticated ballistics solver. With the Eliminator III you can now enter BOTH the bullet drop at 750 yards PLUS the ballistic coefficient (BC) for the specific bullet you are using.

The Eliminator III’s X96 reticle also incorporates a new windage compensation system of dots that show lateral hold-off points. By using the dots, you can compensate for wind-drift without dialing the windage knob. The digital readout displays a 10 MPH Wind Value as a “Dot Value” for the shooter’s specific cartridge at the indicated range. Suggested retail price for the new Eliminator III is $1,499.00.

Eliminator II Features Angle Compensation and Remote Activation Switch
The new 4-12x42mm Eliminator II laserscope features the X38 reticle. Burris claims the Eliminator II can range to 999 yards, but we suspect that’s optimistic. We are pleased that the new Eliminator II comes standard with angle compensation that helps hunters make uphill and downhill shots. The Eliminator II comes equipped with a remote activation switch that can be attached to the firearm’s forearm or the scope’s objective bell. Like the other Eliminators, you can program the ballistics solver for different guns/loads. Suggested retail price for the Eliminator II is $999.00.

The new Eliminator 3.5-10x40mm is similar in design to the original Eliminator. The 3.5-10x40mm ranges out to 800 yards, with a ballistics solver you can program for any gun/load. The 3.5-10X Eliminator must be set to 10x power when ranging targets or trophies. Suggested retail price is $799.00.

$100.00 Rebate on First Gen 4-12x42mm Eliminator Laserscope
The original Eliminator 4-12x42mm was the first affordable laser rangefinding riflescope, and now there is a $100 rebate on the first-generation 4-12x42mm Eliminator, making it even easier to fit within your budget. Visit for more information.

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June 24th, 2010

Special Optics Offers — Exclusively for Our Readers has a new sponsor,, which sells a full range of sporting optics for hunters, varminters, and competition shooters. To kick off WebyShops’ participation with our website, Mike Orlov, who runs Webyshops, has agreed to provide some EXCLUSIVE specials for readers. These specials, just for our readers, are a full $50 below the normal low price. The Super-Sale items are limited quantity, first come, first serve, and subject to availability. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Go ahead and comparison-shop first. We think you’ll find these exclusive specials are hard to beat. For example, the Eotech 516 sells for $456.56 at, and $479.99 at

IMPORTANT: To qualify for these special prices, use Coupon Code ACCSHOOTER when you check out with your online order. For phone orders, call (800) 851-9329, ask for MIKE, and say you are an reader.

EOTECH 516 Holographic Weapon Sight, 65 MOA Ring/1 MOA Dot Reticle, (516.A65/1)

Regular price: $449.00
AccurateShooter price: $399.00
SAVINGS: $50.00 off

Eotech Holosight
BUSHNELL Yardage Pro 4-12×42 Laser Rangefinding Riflescope, Mil-Dot Reticle, Matte (204124)

Regular price: $679.99
AccurateShooter price: $629.99
SAVINGS: $50.00 off

bushnell laserscope
LEUPOLD DeltaPoint Reflex Sight, 7.5 MOA Delta, All Mounts (65930)

Regular price: $449.99
AccurateShooter price: $399.99
SAVINGS: $50.00 off

Leupold Reflex
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February 3rd, 2010

SHOT Show Report: Final Thoughts on the 2010 Show

Today we wrap up our coverage of the 2010 Shot Show. Jason and I visited scores of booths, inspected hundreds of new products and interviewed dozens of industry insiders and “old friends”. We can’t package all the highlights into a single blog post, but here are some “short takes” on SHOT Show items of interest — the new stuff we really liked and some odd but noteworthy elements of the “Shot Show Experience”.

Most Important New Technology — Burris LaserScope doesn’t give product awards, but if we did, the new Eliminator LaserScope from Burris would be a leading candidate for “Best in Show” honors. This unit employs modern technology to make the shooter’s job easier. A built-in laser rangefinder finds the distance to your target. Then the scope consults a ballistics table, pre-programmed for your cartridge. The scope’s “brain” calculates the precise holdover for your ranged target distance and displays a bright, red dot on the vertical cross-hair. That dot is your calculated correct point of aim. Just put the red dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. For a varmint hunter, this scope could be the best thing since sliced bread. Shoot all week and never touch the elevation knob. We just wish the Eliminator was offered in a higher-power version — say a 6-24×50. Currently the Eliminator is offered only as a 4-12x42mm optic. The Eliminator is far from perfect, but its technology really could render other conventional hunting riflescopes obsolete.

Burris Eliminator riflescope

Important Brass Developments
For Benchrest shooters, the big news was Norma’s introduction of 6 PPC brass. According to Lou Murdica, who has tested the early production brass, this new brass is “outstanding” and is fully competitive with cases fire-formed from Lapua 220 Russian brass. Norma’s production of 6 PPC brass demonstrates that the Swedish company is very serious about benchrest shooting and the American market. We had a long, productive conversation with the CEO of Norma, and we could tell he is committed to expanding Norma’s place in the American market. Expect some major developments in the months ahead, including a joint project with Norma also showed us the 300 Norma case which we feel will eventually be an important chambering for long-range shooters. This case has “just right” capacity to drive the 200+ grain, high-BC 30-caliber bullets.

Norma 6mm PPC brass

Unnoticed Excellence — The Barrel-Makers
Flashy new products get the media attention at SHOT Show every year. But we think the most important “back story” involves American barrel-makers. If you want to do a story on EXCELLENCE in today’s gun industry, you need to focus on the elite barrel-makers. Companies such as Bartlein, Broughton, and Krieger continue to make better barrels every year, with new features such as gain-twist rifling, and 5R rifling. Just this Friday, I witnessed a .308 “tactical” rifle with a new Krieger 5R barrel fire two successive three-shot groups that were each just a ragged hole — and the first two out of three shots in each group literally went through the same hole at 100 yards. And that was during barrel break-in with an untested load and untrimmed brass “right out of the box”. America’s top “boutique” barrel-makers are now producing extraordinarily good products, yet they are rarely mentioned by the popular print gun magazines. At a time when we see recall notices from companies such as Ruger and Remington on a regular basis, our American custom barrel makers are building the best barrels in the world, indeed the best barrels ever made.

A Contrast in Style — American vs. European Optics-Makers
Among the major optics makers, the difference between American and European marketing styles was painfully obvious. Leupold and Burris had fast-talking, glad-handing salesmen, who, for the most part, knew very little about their product line and even less about optics engineering. By contrast, Zeiss and Schmidt & Bender staffed their booths with real optics engineers with Ph.Ds, many of whom were directly involved in the design of the products on display. At Zeiss we spent nearly an hour talking with Stephan Albrecht, the German engineer in charge of the new 20-75X Diascope spotting scope and the new Diavari Flourite riflescopes. During our conversations with Stephan he actually solicited our feedback, took careful notes and promised to explore some of our suggestions. We also were able to share our field test results directly with Eric Schumacher, President of Carl Zeiss Optical, USA. By contrast, Leupold’s decision makers and top-level engineers were nowhere to be found, and when we voiced our (now annual) plea that Leupold stop building scopes with canted reticles, we were greeted with nothing but blank stares. Leupold’s reps couldn’t comprehend the canted reticle problem, even after I pulled a scope (with 3° canted reticle) off their display rack and showed them.

Schmidt & Bender

Federal FCPA Sting Rocks SHOT Show
In the mainstream media, SHOT Show 2010 will be remembered for one thing — the “Big Bust”. On January 20th, FBI agents arrested 22 gun industry employees and executives for alleged violations of the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act). Those arrested, including one of Smith & Wesson’s Vice Presidents, were charged with trying to bribe FBI agents posing as African government officials. This “high-visibility” bust culminated a DOJ sting operation two years in the making that involved 250 federal agents.

Accuracy… Who Needs Accuracy?
There’s a curious thing about SHOT Show. It’s touted as the greatest gunshow in the galaxy, but one thing is sorely missing — really accurate rifles. Heaven forbid there would be a true benchrest rifle or rail gun on display! Many of our readers own more true 1/4-MOA rifles than you’ll find at the entire SHOT Show. We know this is a trade show, but still you’d think somebody would want to show off a really impressive rifle — say the National Championship-winning F-Class rifle or a record-setting rail gun. It would be like having a Top Fuel dragster on display at a car show. But no, what we have instead are acres upon acres of 1-2 MOA factory guns. That’s disappointing to say the least. It’s sort of like going to an air show only to discover the Blue Angles have cancelled and there won’t be any jets at all.

Pop Stars vs. Legendary Marksmen
At every SHOT Show, I’m struck by some odd ironies. This year I walked past one booth which was absolutely mobbed with people trying to meet an attractive young female celebrity — a contestant from American Idol. Fighting through the throng, I continued down the aisle to the McMillan booth. There was David Tubb, quietly chatting with a McMillan rep. Mind you, David is an 11-time National High Power Champion. He has also won National Silhouette titles and scores of other matches. He is arguably the greatest competitive rifle shooter in American history. Yet hundreds of people walked by without even noticing David. Think of the irony. Imagine if Michael Jordan was sitting in a booth at a sports convention. The place would be mobbed. Yet David has certainly dominated his sport the way Jordan dominated basketball. Jordan won six NBA Championships. Tubb has won ELEVEN National Championships (and he’s not done yet). Yet the vast majority of SHOT attendees don’t seem to care about legends like David Tubb, or about shooting excellence in general… they would rather wait in line to meet a “wannabee” from American Idol than learn something from a truely legendary marksman. Sometimes I DO wonder about our priorities.

Too Many Black Rifles?
After Obama was elected in November 2008, there was a surge in demand for semi-auto, military-style rifles, partcularly AR-platform rifles. Manufacturers of all sizes, from Remington/Bushmaster, to small fabricators, ramped up production of AR uppers, lowers, and complete rifles. Now, 15 months later, demand is slacking off, and there is an over-abundance of ARs. We perceived a notable lack of interest in AR rifles at SHOT Show, unless they had some new bells and whistles. Retailers seemed much more interested in big-bore bolt guns and handguns, or in the completely new semi-auto designs such as Remington’s ACR.

Bring Back the Convention Center
For 2010, SHOT Show was hosted at the Sands Expo Center, behind the Venetian Hotel complex, instead of the Las Vegas Convention Center. On paper, this seemed like a good move. The Sands Expo is nearer the strip and closer to popular hotels. In practice, the Sands Expo proved a poor location for SHOT Show. Outside the main hall, booths were crammed into conference areas with low ceilings and bad lighting. A very large number of exhibitors were assigned to the first-floor “Dungeon”. There, access was difficult, the lighting was bad, and low ceilings and concrete floors worsened the background noise problem.

Just getting into SHOT show was a challenge. For the majority of visitors staying in hotels on the strip, one had to walk through the maze-like interior of the Venetian to get to the Show. This was annoying to say the least. On 3 out of 4 days I took at least one wrong turn, and on Day 2 I got thoroughly lost. I saw plenty of folks with SHOT Show badges walking in circles, completely disoriented — the Venetian is a building where you can’t walk in a straight line for more than 150 feet or so. And once inside the SHOT Show proper it was very easy to get lost as well. Pete Brownell was heard to say that he needed a map just to find his own booth.

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