June 25th, 2012

Off-Set Scope Mount for Southpaw Who Shoots with Right Eye

offset scope base mountForum member Roy Bertalotto did a real nice off-set scope installation on a bolt gun to help a sight-challenged shooter. Roy explains: “A friend of mine shoots left-handed and has lost the sight in his left eye. I built him a scope mount so he can still shoot left-handed, but now use his right eye.” Roy’s fabrication work is impressive and we praise his efforts to help a fellow shooter stay in the game.

Roy bolted a plate to the existing scope rail on the top centerline of the Rem 700 action. This plate extends a few inches to the right. On the outboard end of the plate, Roy fitted a second scope rail, aligned with the bore. Weaver-based rings are then clamped to the outboard (right side) auxiliary rail.

offset scope base mount

offset scope base mount

offset scope base mount

Be Careful of Canting Issues with Offset Scope Installations
We’re pleased to see that Roy developed a solution for a shooter with an optical disability, but we want to stress that this is a specialized installation that can create some problems with point of impact shift if the gun is not maintained perfectly level. With the amount of horizontal offset (between the scope’s optical axis and the bore axis) built into this rig, if the rifle is canted, point of impact can shift rather dramatically. For a southpaw who is willing to adapt his/her shooting style, it may be better, in the long run, to learn to shoot right-handed if his/her right eye is the only good eye. Likewise, if a right-handed shooter can only see well through his left eye, he may benefit from learning how to hold the stock and work the trigger with his left hand. The shooter could still work the bolt with his non-trigger hand. Changing from right-hand to left-hand shooting (or vice-versa) may require a stock swap if the stock is not ambidextrous.

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February 9th, 2011

Browning Introduces Left-Hand X-Bolt Hunting Rifles

Southpaws rejoice. For 2011, Browning has added left-hand versions of its handsome X-bolt Medallion, Hunter, and Micro-Hunter models. All left-hand X-bolts feature a glass-bedded action, left bolt with 60° bolt lift (and top-tang safety), free-floated button-rifled barrel, adjustable trigger (3-5 lbs.), and detachable rotary magazine. These are nice hunting rifles — sleek with some very nice features. The Medallions, in particular, are very pretty rifles — with their Rosewood fore-end tips and pistol grip caps. The X-Bolts are made in Japan by Miroku, a company renowned for high-quality fit and finish (Miroku also makes Browning’s Citori shotguns).

Browning X-bolt promo

Browning will offer left-hand X-bolts in a wide selection of chamberings: .223 Rem, 22-250, .243 Win, 7mm-08, .308 Win, .25-06, .270 Win, .280 Rem, .30-06 Springfield, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 300 WSM, 270 WSM, 7mm WSM, 325 WSM.

Browning X-bolt promo

CLICK HERE for Browning X-Bolt Interactive Page (with Videos).

Details of Browning X-Bolt Safety System
YouTube Preview Image

FREE Jacket with X-Bolt purchase
As an added incentive, Browning is giving away a FREE handsome wind-cutter jacket to all purchasers of a new X-Bolt rifle. Here’s how it works…. Purchase any new Browning X-Bolt Rifle at retail between February 1, 2011 and May 31, 2011 and Browning will send you a Special Edition X-Bolt Soft Shell Jacket, valued at $150.00. This zip-front jacket is wind- and water-resistant, with a warm fleece lining, zippered pockets, and a stand-up collar. It’s embroidered with both the Browning Buckmark and X-Bolt logos. Not valid with any other offer or promotion.

Download X-Bolt Free Jacket Promo Coupon

Browning X-bolt promo

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May 12th, 2010

Timney Introduces Triggers for Left-Hand Remington 700 Actions

Timney left Rem 700 triggerTimney Mfg. now sells triggers for left-hand Remington m700 rifles. There is both a standard lefty model (#502) and a safety-equipped lefty model (#511). The model #502 uses the existing safety and bolt stop in your gun, while the model #511 has an external safety on the left side of the trigger housing. Both these left-hand triggers require no gunsmithing, are fully-adjustable, and can be ordered with default pull weights ranging from 1.5 pounds to 4.0 pounds.

External Safety Trigger Based on Innovative 2006 Design
In 2006, Timney began producing a new drop-in trigger for the Remington 700 with external safety. This was a totally new design with a safety that blocks the trigger not the sear. For 2010 has adapted this trigger for left-hand Rem 700 rifles. If you don’t need an external safety, Timney also now offers a standard left-hand trigger. MSRP for either version is $124.95. The housings of both triggers are milled from solid billet. Other components are machined using state-of-the-art Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) from high-grade solid steel. This allows Timney to maintain very precise tolerances on its triggers. For more info call toll-free 866-4TIMNEY, or visit www.timneytriggers.com

Timney left Rem 700 trigger

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