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January 11th, 2015

Master Gun-Maker (with CNC Mill) Builds a 22-250 Varminter

22-250 Coyote Rifle Chris Dixon LongRifles

22-250 Coyote Rifle Chris Dixon LongRiflesJust another YouTube video … NOT. This video is a winner. If you want to see state-of-the-art 21st Century rifle-building, with advanced CNC milling operations, watch this clip. It shows how man and machine combine to create a fine custom rifle.

One of the best short features of its kind, this video shows the creation of a high-end, 22-250 varmint rifle from start to finish. All aspects of the build are covered. The rifle was crafted by Chad Dixon for O’Neill Ops. Once the build is complete, the video shows the rifle being tested at 440 yards. With the camera filming through the scope, you can even watch the trace, starting at the 2:36″ time mark (this is very cool).

Watch this Video in HD!
Any person with an interest in gunsmithing should watch this video. It shows barrel profiling, tenon-thread cutting, chambering, CNC stock inletting, bedding, and stock painting.

For this build, Chad Dixon of LongRifles, Inc. teamed up with O’Neill Ops. The video shows the “Coyote Rifle” build, step by step, from the cutting of the tenon threads, to the 440-yard field test at the end of the build. To learn more about this rifle’s components and its performance in the field, contact James O’Neill,, (605) 685-6085.

Chad Dixon of LongRifles, Inc.
Chad Dixon’s introduction to firearms began in 1991 as a marksmanship instructor and competitive shooter in the U.S. Marine Corps. Chad began building rifles in 2000 at the Anschutz National Service Center, where he worked with U.S. Olympic shooters. In 2003 Chad took a position with Nesika Bay Precision/Dakota Arms. After leaving Nesika, Chad deployed to the Middle East as a security contractor for the U.S. Dept. of State. On his return to the USA, Chad started LongRifles Inc., a custom rifle-building company.

22-250 Coyote Rifle Chris Dixon LongRifles

Dixon-built rifles combine modern CNC manufacturing methods with traditional expert craftsmanship. Chad’s rifles have won major int’l and national level competitions in Smallbore, Smallbore Silhouette, High Power, and Long Range Palma disciplines.

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June 6th, 2009

Robotic 5-Axis Milling Machine Crafts Guns

Terminator RobotRise of the Machines? Well the latest Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation, was recently released, but we don’t think we’ll be facing a world dominated by evil robots anytime soon. Nonetheless, programmed automated milling machines are getting smarter and more capable than ever.

Here’s a remarkable video clip demonstrating state-of-the art CNC production of precision gun parts. In the video, created by STAMA America, an HK pistol gun breech is crafted from bar stock through a totally automated drilling/milling procedure. The breech is made by STAMA’s Model MC 726 MT, a unique five-axis, CNC milling/turning center. The five-axis machine is designed for continuous production of complex parts from bar stock and multiple different parts, including weapon components. CLICK HERE to play 5-minute YouTube Video.

YouTube Preview Image

The process shown in the 5-minute video actually takes 50 minutes to craft the breech, starting with a 60mm diameter section of 42 CrMo 4 steel. Amazingly, the 5-axis machine employs 25 separate tools in the operation!

STAMA states that its milling/turning machines “can produce even short runs of complex weapon parts in one operation with superior quality, finish and cost efficiencies. Typically, the Model MC 726 MT can result in up to 70% reductions in part processing time[.]”

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