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July 9th, 2013

Big Discounts on Weaver Scopes at Natchez Shooters Supply

If you need a riflescope at a bargain-basement price, Natchez Shooters Supply (Natchez) is running a big sale on Weaver Scopes right now. You’ll find huge savings on scopes big and small, ranging from a 1.5-4.5x24mm all the way up to an 8-32x50mm. The discounts off MSRP are really pretty remarkable. For example, a Wever 6-24x50mm Classic Extreme Scope with illuminated reticle (and 30mm tube) is now just $339.95, marked down from $579.00. (That’s a 41% price cut). The Weaver 2.5-10x56mm Classic Extreme scope, a good general-purpose 30mm-tube hunting scope, is marked way down to $299.95. Original MSRP on this scope was $926.88, and it sells elsewhere for over $550.00. Most of these scopes are discontinued models, but they still carry the normal Weaver warranty.

Natchez Weaver Optics sale

NOTE: to find particular on-sale models, we suggest you type “Weaver” plus the scope power description in the Natchez home page search field. For example, type “Weaver 2.5-10×56″. That should bring up the item with the low sale price.

Scope Sale tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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April 20th, 2013

Online Vendors Report Recent Powder Shipments

Reloading powder propellant Alliant Vihtavuori HodgdonHere’s good news for reloaders. Some large shipments of propellants were delivered in the last week, and we are starting to see supplies of some popular powders start to catch up to demand. Third Generation Shooting Supply received a very large order of Alliant Powders in one-pound containers, including the popular Reloder series. If you need RL15, RL19 or RL22 you may be able to grab some before it’s gone. TGSS has already sold nearly a ton of RL15 this week.

Natchez Shooters Supplies is featuring Vihtavuori powders, and the Natchez inventory system is showing supplies “in stock” for many of the most popular Vihtavuori powders including N320, N133, N135, N540, N150, N160, and N165. All these powders (including 8-lb jugs of N133) are shown “in stock” as of this morning, but we caution that things change quickly!

NOTE FOR LATE READERS: Inventory shown for 10:00 AM April 20, 2013.

Powder Valley Inc.
Partial List of In-Stock Powders
Hodgon H380 (1 lb.) — In stock at $18.35/lb
Hodgdon H1000 (8 lbs.) — In stock at $152.00 for 8 lbs.
Hodgdon Retumbo (1 lb.) — In stock at $21.35/lb
Hodgdon Superformance (8 lbs.) — In stock at $152.00 for 8 lbs.
Alliant Reloder 50 (1 lb.) — In stock at $19.15/lb
Alliant Reloder 50 (8 lbs.) — In stock at $137.50 for 8 lbs.
IMR 7828 (8 lbs.) — In stock at $147.80 for 8 lbs.
Norma 203B (1 lb) — In stock at $24.80/lb (this is nearly identical to Reloder 15)
Vihtavuori 3N37 (1 lb) — In stock at $29.95/lb
Vihtavuori N150 (1 lb) — In stock at $29.15/lb
Vihtavuori N160 (1 lb) — In stock at $29.15/lb

Third Generation Shooting Supply
Alliant Powders (Partial list)
Power Pro 4000 MR (1 lb.) — 961 lbs. in stock at $19.99/lb
Power Pro Varmint – (1 lb.) — 133 lbs. in stock at $19.99/lb
Reloder 10X – (1 lb.) — out of stock
Reloder 15 (1 lb.) — 733 lbs. in stock at $20.99/lb
Reloder 17 (1 lb.) — out of stock
Reloder 19 (1 lb.) — 2579 lbs. in stock at $20.99/lb
Reloder 22 (1 lb.) — 1797 lbs. in stock at $20.99/lb
Reloder 25 (1 lb.) — 109 lbs. in stock at $20.99/lb
Reloder 50 (1 lb.) — 36 lbs. in stock at $20.99/lb

Natchez Shooters Supplies
Vihtavuori Powders (Quantities Limited)
Vihtavuori Oy N3N37 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $31.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N320 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $31.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N133 (8 lbs.) — In Stock at $197.49 for 8 lbs
Vihtavuori Oy N133 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $30.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N135 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $30.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N150 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $30.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N160 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $30.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N165 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $30.49/lb
Vihtavuori Oy N540 (1 lb.) — In Stock at $34.99/lb

Editor’s Note: As with all inventory systems, there can be a variance between actual inventories and listed inventories. We are reporting what is shown “in-stock” this morning. But if the inventories are not updated in “real time” as shipments are made, true supplies may be less than what is shown.

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April 6th, 2011

Big CCI Blazer Ammo Sale At Natchez

CCI ammo saleIf you need to stock up on practice handgun ammo, Natchez Shooters Supply is running a 5-day sale on CCI Blazer Ammo. The sale starts today (4/6/2011) and ends Sunday, April 10th at 11:59 pm Eastern. Sale includes: .32 ACP, .38 Spl, .357 Magnum, .380 ACP, 9mm, 40 SW, 10mm, .44 Magnum, .45 ACP and more. IMPORTANT: CCI Blazer ammo is made with aluminum cases, so the ammo is NOT reloadable.

This Editor has shot thousands of rounds of Blazer ammo in many calibers. The only problem I had was with some .380 ACP in a Sig p230 that had the hammer spring lightened at the factory. This ammo uses CCI primers which are harder than Federal or Winchester pistol primers.

Here are some of the best deals:

CCI Blazer 32 ACP 71 gr TMJ Ammunition 50rd box. Price $19.36, reduced from $22.77

CCI Blazer 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ Ammunition 50rd box. Price $8.99, reduced from $11.09.

CCI Blazer 40 S&W 165gr TMJ Ammunition 50rd box. Price $12.99 reduced from $17.55.
(Editor’s Comment: Excellent 40 SW ammo. Very Accurate, Reduced Recoil.)

CCI Blazer 10mm Auto 200gr TMJ Ammunition 50 rd box. Price $22.75 reduced from $28.82.

Bulk-Pack CCI .22 LR Ammo also on Sale
In addition to the pistol ammo, Natchez has bulk-pack 40gr .22 LR ammo on sale. This can be used in either rifles or pistols. This is good “plinking” ammo at a great price. For the next five days, a 525-round box is just $15.95, reduced from $31.46. Hard to beat that. Natchez claims this is the lowest-priced .22 LR Ammo on the market.

CCI ammo sale

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February 20th, 2011

Natchez Offers Big Discounts on Swarovski Scopes

Natchez Shooters Supplies is currently running a major promotion on Swarovski optics. If you are looking for an extremely high quality hunting scope or target scope, you should check out the deals at Natchez. Here are some examples:

Swarovski  Scope

Swarovski Scope

Swarovski Spotting ScopeSwarovski Spotting Scopes
Swarovski Spotting Scopes and eyepieces are also on sale. The outstanding Swaro 80mm STM HD is marked down from $3,110.00 to $2,520.00, while the compact Swaro 65mm STM 65 (Straight Body) spotter is discounted from $1,521.11 to $1,240.00. The Swarovski Optik 20-60XS Oculars Eyepiece is also discounted from $665.56 to $539.00, a 19% savings.

NOTE: Sale inventories are limited, and prices are subject to change.

Story sourced by Edlongrange.
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February 2nd, 2011

Natchez Offers Great Prices on Nikon Hunting Scopes

If you need a good, basic, reliable 3-9X40 hunting scope, Natchez Shooting Supplies is offering great deals right now on Nikon ProStaff and Omega riflescopes. You can select among a variety of reticles, including medium plex (NikoPlex) and bullet-drop compensation (BDC). Sale scopes are offered in Matte Black, Silver, or Real-Tree Camo finishes. While discounts vary, prices on many of these scopes have been slashed 30% below normal levels. For example the Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Matte is now just $109.95, marked down from $159.95, a 31% savings. Nikon binoculars are also on sale.

CLICK HERE for Natchez NIKON Optics Sale

Natchez Nikon deal

Story Sourced by Edlongrange.
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July 9th, 2009

Best Price on RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 Combo

Folks have been asking us where they can obtain the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo (both scale and dispenser) at the best price. We’ve done some searching and the lowest price we found was at Natchez Shooters Supply: $289.95. The unit is listed “in stock” as of today.

RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo

MidwayUSA also has the ChargeMaster 1500 Combo for $319.99, and it is also in stock.

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