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May 28th, 2013

Liberty Safe Offers Wireless Monitoring Device for Gun Safes

Liberty Safe has just introduced the SAFELERT wireless monitoring system. This will notify the safe owner instantaneously if the safe is moved, if the safe door is opened, or if there is a notable change in safe temperature or humidity. Liberty’s SAFELERT is small, battery-powered sensing device placed inside your safe (easily hidden out of view). When something happens to your safe (e.g. movement, door opening, humidity change etc.) the device detects the activity and sends alerts (via texts or emails) directly to the safe’s owner.

liberty safe safelert wireless monitor

The SAFELERT works wirelessly via your home or business network. You just need a WiFi router plus at least one networked device (computer, tablet etc.) on the system. If you can open an internet browser page and enter a few numbers, you can get the SAFELERT running in minutes. Communicating via the web-based service, SAFELERT monitors your safe and immediately sends you (and up to 4 recipients) alerts when the “triggers” are activated by tampering, door opening, or temp/humidity changes (inside the safe). The SAFELERT also sends a message if its batteries run low or if your WIFI connection fails (hourly network checks). You can “test-drive” the system via Liberty’s SAFELERT demo page. Log in to set a trigger type and receive a simulated alert message.

liberty safe safelert wireless monitor

liberty safe safelert wireless monitorBy now you may be wondering — “what’s this high-tech gadget going to set me back?” Liberty’s SAFELERT Costs $199.00 and there is an ongoing service charge to maintain continuous monitoring. Annual fees are:
3 Years at $39.95/year; 2 Years at $49.95/year; 1 Year at $59.95/year.

As an extra incentive, Liberty is currently offering the first month of monitoring for free.

Optional Antenna for Enhanced WIFI Reception
In most cases, SAFELERT will function well with your wireless router (WiFi system) without a separate antenna. But for situations where WiFi network reception is weak, Liberty includes an antenna to enhance SAFELERT’s reception range. The antenna is placed on the exterior top/side of the safe, with a wire connecting it to the SAFELERT device hidden inside the safe.

Only as Secure as Your WiFi Connection
Writing in the Firearm Blog, Richard Johnson points out some issues with any WiFi-Based security system: “The system … connects to the internet via your home WiFi connection. Therein lies the point of failure. If thieves are breaking into your home, they might first hit your phone/cable connection which will prevent the SAFELERT from contacting you. A workaround would be to have a MiFi or similar device that connects to the internet via cell signal.” We should add that the service does promise to check your WiFi connection every hour and send you a message if the WiFi connection drops. But a lot can happen in an hour….

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December 3rd, 2011 Debuts — New Social Network for Shooters, an online social network site designed to share information about firearms and outdoor activities, was launched on November 14, 2011. “Gunway represents a radical shift,” says Gunway’s CEO, Charlie Pratt. “We set out to create a world-class niche network that raises the levels of information and functionality.” Gunway’s beta release is built on two core features: People & Questions. Users create their own profiles – public or private – to share photos, links, and information. The Questions feature allows them to post questions and receive answers from anyone.

“The major networks have grown too large, intrusive, and overwhelming,” says Pratt. “We envisioned something that requires much less information from its users and has a clear purpose.” Social Network

Editor’s Comment: We always welcome new additions to the online firearms community. However, with hundreds of firearms Blogs and Forums already in existence, we’re not quite sure what brings to the table. Questions about specific firearms, hunting gear, and reloading methods are best addressed to special interest Forums such as,, and the Forum. If people need to find a range, there are existing resources such as Still, it will be interesting to see how evolves. Hopefully, as its membership grows, will become a useful resource for gun owners and sportsmen.

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