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October 9th, 2015

Norma Video Shows Production of Bullets, Brass, and Ammo

Norma has released a fascinating video showing how bullet, brass, and ammunition are produced at the Norma Precision AB factory which first opened in 1902. You can see how cartridges are made starting with brass disks, then formed into shape through a series of processes, including “hitting [the cup] with a 30-ton hammer”. After annealing (shown at 0:08″), samples from every batch of brass are analyzed (at multiple points along the case length) to check metal grain structure and hardness. Before packing, each case is visually inspected by a human being (3:27″ time-mark).

The video also shows how bullets are made from jackets and lead cores. Finally, you can watch the loading machines that fill cases with powder, seat the bullets, and then transport the loaded rounds to the packing system. In his enthusiasm, the reporter/narrator does sometimes confuse the term “bullets” and “rounds” (5:00″), but you can figure out what he means. We definitely recommend watching this video. It’s fascinating to see 110-year-old sorting devices on the assembly line right next to state-of-the art, digitally-controlled production machinery.

Video tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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December 11th, 2013

Norma .308 Winchester Ammo On Sale at

Norma .308 Winchester Ammo bullets.comWe know many readers have been searching high and low for components and high-quality ammunition, particularly for popular chamberings such as the .308 Winchester. Well Santa delivered something nice for you .308 shooters. received a large shipment of Norma-brand Tac .308 ammo. This is good stuff — Norma brass loaded with a quality 150gr Norma FMJ bullet. This Tac-308 ammo is now in stock and On Sale for $53.50 for fifty (50) rounds at If you can find this elsewhere, you’ll pay $65.00 or more per box. And remember, you’ve got quality Norma brass that will last for many reloadings after the ammo is fired. When you consider the value of the brass for reloading, this deal is even more attractive.

Norma .308 Winchester Ammo

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December 6th, 2013

New Edition of Norma Reloading Manual Now Available

Norma Reloading Manual Expanded 2nd Edition Book ReloadNorma USA has released the new Norma Reloading Manual Expanded Edition. To mark Norma’s 110 years in the ammunition industry, Norma is publishing its second reloading handbook (the first was released in 2004). The Norma Reloading Manual has been updated with new cartridges, components, and recipes. This hard-back book now covers hundreds of cartridges for hunters and target shooters. Load data (using Norma bullets and powders) is presented for most American cartridges and many European cartridges. In addition, you’ll find an extensive discussion of the history and science of smokeless powders. The new Norma Reloading Manual is designed for all handloaders — from novice to advanced. Inside the book you’ll find solid reloading advice, plus a history of Norma, one of the world’s leading producers of brass, bullets, and loaded ammunition. If you employ Norma brass or bullets or use Norma powders, this new Reloading Manual can be the “go-to” reference book on your loading bench. Priced at $34.99, the Norma Reloading Manual is available from Norma-USA’s authorized dealers. It is not yet listed on, but we to see it there within a few months.

Norma Reloading Manual Expanded 2nd Edition Book Reload

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January 11th, 2012

Norma Brass to be Marketed in “Norma USA” 25-ct Boxes

The Swedish company Norma is making a major push to expand sales in the North American market. As part of this effort it is re-packaging Norma cartridge brass in affordable, 25-count boxes labeled “Norma USA”. At the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Norma USA will introduce a complete line of US, European, and Weatherby cartrige brass for the consumer market. The brass will be sold in 25-count consumer packs with new Norma USA branding and graphics. According to a Norma spokesman, “the idea behind the 25-count pack is to provide an affordable option. Folks can try the brass, see how good it is, and then buy larger quantities as needed.” Later, Norma plans to offer 100- or 250-count “Shooters Packs”.

Here’s the big news folks: Norma is finally getting its USA distribution system in order — at least that’s the plan. Norma USA will warehouse and fulfill all Norma products in all calibers by mid-February of 2012 with distribution through major US retailers. Hopefully this means product will be on the shelves and there won’t be long waits “for the boat to arrive”.

To support the Norma USA product line, a completely new, up-to-date Norma USA website will be launched mid-January 2012. In addition, the Norma USA product launch will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign in NRA publications. Norma reps will also attend the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, April 12 – 15, 2012. New loaded ammo offerings will be announced at the Annual Meeting. (Sorry, Norma won’t release any info on the new ammo at this time.)

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