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September 16th, 2013

Instant Savings on Nikon Scopes, Rangefinders, and Binoculars

Nikon has announced some attractive money-saving promos for scopes, laser rangefinders and binoculars. Our readers will probably be most interested in the special savings on BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) Nikon scopes. To learn more about these promotions, visit For more info on Nikon’s binoculars, riflescopes, rangefinders and spotting scopes, visit

Nikon BDC Extreme rifle scopes Laser Rangefinder sale promotion

BDC Riflescopes Instant Savings — Up to $100 Off
Starting on September 12, 2013 and running through October 27, 2013, the BDC Extreme Bonus Days promotion offers up to $100 instant savings on over 40 BDC riflescopes. These scopes’ BDC reticles allow shooters to quickly compensate for bullet drop at long ranges. This is very helpful on varmint-hunting safaris — you can use the hold-over lines rather than click elevation when moving back and forth between critters at different yardages.

Nikon id Tech Laser Rangefinder sale promotionLaser Rangefinder Promotion — Up to $70.00 Off
Nikon’s id TECH rangefinders have ID (incline/decline) Technology that helps you make angled shots correctly. From September 16 through November 10, 2013, up to $70 instant savings is availble for four Nikon id TECH rangefinders: Riflehunter 1000, PROSTAFF 7, Archer’s Choice, and Archer’s Choice MAX.

Instant Savings on Nikon Binoculars
In addition to the BCC Scope and rangefinder promos, Nikon is offering promos on binoculars. Instant savings (up to $100.00) are available on Nikon Monarch binoculars are available from September 11 through November 17, 2013. Up to $20 off the budget=priced Aculon A211 10×42 binocular is available from From September 12 through October 27, 2013.

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June 11th, 2013

Updated Swarovski Website Launched

Swarovski Optik NA (Swarovski) has completely updated its website at The redesigned web page is divided into three main categories: hunting, nature, and travel & leisure. You’ll find in-depth product information with images, spec sheets and videos. There are easy-to-use, mobile-friendly links for Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Rangefinders (optronics), Binoculars, and Digiscoping Accessories. The enhanced site also features a Swarovski Blog with articles on optics products, hunting, and tech matters such as ballistics and lens technologies. Swarovski Optik web review
Caroline McDonald, Swarovksi Marketing Services Manager, tells us: “The redesign of the website will make it easier for our consumers and dealers to research and learn more about the Swarovski Optik brand and products.” The new website also incorporates an E-Shop, where consumers can purchase most Swarovski products directly, other than rifle scopes. Product descriptions include photo galleries and video clips. Here’s a video of the innovative Swarovski Modular ATX/STX Spotting Scope System:

Swarovski Ballistic Program
Swarovksi’s updated website includes an “Apps” section with software for mobile devices and smartphones. Swarovski currently offers a handy, FREE ballistic calculator App designed for use with Swarovski Distance Reticles or the Ballistic Turret. This App delivers two types of outputs. For Swaro scopes with long-distance reticles, the App generates aiming points. For Swaro scopes with ballistic-matched turrest, the App provides click values for various yardages and wind values. The App is available for iPhone, iPad, and for Android Devices.

Swarovski also offers a free web-based Ballistics Calculator you can use from any computer.

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December 16th, 2007

Schmidt & Bender 12-50×56 spotted in Europe

Our initial report on Schmidt & Bender’s centerfire version of its 10-50×56 Field Target scope generated quite a bit of interest. But in recent weeks folks have been emailing us, asking “Is this thing for real?” and “When will it reach the States?” Well, we can confirm that Schmidt & Bender definitely is putting a 12.5-50X56 PMII zoom scope into production, and part of the early production is reserved for the U.S.A. market.

What will the new scope look like? Well Vince Bottomley has seen an early prototype in Europe. He reports: “The overall size is the same as the Schmidt & Bender 5.5-25 model so it’s smaller than a Nightforce but boasts more magnification.” Here is a “spy photo” from Vince:

Schmidt & Bender still hasn’t published final specs on its website, but Mark Cromwell, head of Schmidt & Bender’s North American division, hopes to have them on display at Shot Show in February in Las Vegas. With the rapidly eroding U.S. Dollar, prices are subject to change, but Cromwell expects the scope to run about U.S. $2700.00 – $2800.00, but it could be more. Cromwell says “the current spec sheet for the 12.5-50 indicates it is NOT illuminated. Reticle illumination is normally a $300+ added cost for Schmidt & Bender, so it is possible the 12.5-50 PMII long range could cost LESS than the 5-25 PMII which IS illuminated.”

Schmidt Bender 12-50x56

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