January 5th, 2016

Vast Online Database of Firearms Launched

Impressum Firearmsguide.com Gun database searchable

The creators of the Firearms Guide DVDs have launched a huge online database for firearms. This new, subscription-based web resource, Firearmsguide.com, includes over 61,000 firearm types from 902 manufacturers. It’s easy to find just about any gun — search by manufacturer or other variables such as caliber, action type, country of origin, and vintage. In addition, the gun entries are cross-linked to a large ammunition database so you can find factory ammo for any type of firearm.

You Can Search for 61,000+ Guns Using 14 Variables:
Impressum Firearmsguide.com Gun database searchable

Think of this as a digital encyclopedia of guns — the mother of all gun reference guides. The sheer amount of information (text, photos, and schematics) is mind-boggling. Firearmsguide.com currently covers 61,000 models of rifles, pistols, shotguns, air rifles, and air pistols from 50 different countries. Subscription plans start at $49.95 per year.

Impressum Firearmsguide.com Gun database searchable

This new database is a gold mine for gun collectors and gunsmiths. For most of the firearm entries, there are full specifications and up to 12 high-rez color photos. In addition, the database features 5500 printable schematics along with parts lists. Collectors will appreciate the inclusion of gun values for both modern and vintage firearms.

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April 23rd, 2014

Locate .22 LR Rimfire Ammo Today with GunBot.Net

accurateshooter.com gunbot.net ammo and reloading primers supplyHave you been struggling to find powder, primers, and .22 LR rimfire ammo? Well, now there’s a free web-based search service that can help you find what you need. The service costs nothing and you don’t have to sign up to run searches. We ran a quick search for .22 LR Ammo and found dozens of sources. We clicked the “in-stock only” option and ranked the results by price-per-round, low to high. Here’s what we found this morning — there were plenty of sources at $0.13-0.15 per round ($6.50-$7.50 per box), and Gander Mountain even had some Remington .22LR at $2.49 per box!

Click Box to ZOOM Image So You Can Read Results More Easily:

ammo rimfire search .22 LR

GunBot.net employs “search bots” to scour the internet for available inventories of ammo, powder, primers, brass and magazines. GunBot.net checks the inventories of over sixty retailers, including leading vendors AmmoMan, Bass Pro, Brownells, Cabelas, Cheaper Than Dirt, Grizzly, JG Sales, Dan Killough, Midsouth Shooters Supply, Midway USA, Powder Valley, Rainier Arms, Sinclair Int’l, Sportsman’s Guide,, Wholesale Hunter, and Wideners.

Results can be sorted by price or time (most recent results first). You can even get email alerts notifying you when the product you need is available. (To get alerts, you must first log-in and create an account with GunBot.net. There is no charge for this service.) GunBot.net’s search spiders work constantly, so results are normally very current. Pages auto-refresh when new “matching items” are found.

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August 7th, 2013

How to FIND and SHARE Daily Bulletin Articles

Accurateshooter daily bulletin search find storyDaily Bulletin readers often tell us: “I saw a story in the Bulletin a while back, but I can’t find it now. How do I locate it?” In addition, some folks say: “There’s a Bulletin article that I want to share on my Facebook page. How do I do that?”

How to Use Search Features
Take heart, readers. There are quick and easy ways to locate (and share) Daily Bulletin Posts. First, on the right side of the Bulletin you can select stories by topic (e.g. Reloading) or by date. You can also use our SEARCH TOOL. Go to the top right-hand corner of the page, type your search term then click the RED SEARCH BUTTON. This will instantly search over 5,000 Daily Bulletin stories. Matching articles will appear in chronological order, with the newest articles at the top. For best results, try to be pretty specific in your search, and avoid common terms such as “bullet”, “rifle”, “barrel” etc. that may appear in hundreds of articles.

How to Share Daily Bulletin Articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Other Sites
Let’s say you’ve found an interesting article or gear review in the Daily Bulletin that you would like to share on your Facebook page or other social media sites. Or maybe you’d like to email the article URL (web address) to a shooting buddy so he could read the story too. It’s easy to share a story. Simply click on the small RED-ORANGE BOX at the end of the article marked “Share”. This will open up a small window with multiple choices. With your mouse, select “Facebook” to share on your Facebook page. Or, click the “email” or “gmail” icons to email the article’s web URL to your friends.

Accurateshooter daily bulletin search find share facebook twitter social media story

If you merely want to save the article URL (i.e. its web location), right click on the “Permalink” button at the bottom left of the article frame (look for the dark blue-gray border). When you right click, you’ll see a pull-down menu. Select “Copy Link Address”. Then you can paste this link anywhere you like, using the paste command (CTRL-P on a Windows computer).

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June 28th, 2012

Google Shopping Site Blocks Results of Gun-Related Searches

Along with its main search engine, Google Inc. operates the Google Shopping web portal (www.google.com/shopping), where visitors can search for products offered by tens of thousands of online merchants. Google Shopping works great, unless you happen to be looking for gun stuff. You see, Google recently instituted a new policy blocking Google Shopping search results for many firearms-related products and accessories.

For example, searches for “ammunition”, “.308″, and “rifle” yield no results. This subject-matter-based filtering also stymies searches for prominent gun-makers, component suppliers, and gun accessory vendors. Google Shopping searches for “Beretta”, “Brownells”, “Glock”, “Nosler”, and “Winchester” all yielded this “fail” message: “Your search [term here] did not match any shopping results”. Google Shopping is even blocking results for “Leupold” — yet Leupold only makes optics. Whether you call this “filtering” or “black-balling”, the fact remains that Google Shopping is making judgments about what products (and vendors) shoppers will be allowed to view.

Google Shopping Portal

IMPORTANT: The firearm-related filtering ONLY is in place (for now) on the Google Shopping portal. The main Google search engine (www.google.com) still allows you to search for any keyword or search phrase. That means you can search for “rifle”, or “Glock”, or “Winchester” on the main Google search engine and you WILL get results.

Google Shopping Site Search Term Test

We did a quick sample of search terms on the Google Shopping site, testing a few dozen common terms for guns and firearms accessories. There were some surprising results, and many logical inconsistencies. “Rifle Shooting” was blocked, but “Shooting” returned results. “Reload” was blocked, but “Reloading” was allowed. Some filtering seems arbitrary. “Winchester” was blocked, but “Remington” worked. “Hornady” is blocked, but “RCBS” can be used. “Brownells” was blocked, but “Sinclair International” yielded results. “Nosler” is blocked, but “Sierra” was allowed. “Leupold” and “Weaver” are both blocked, but “Bushnell” and “Zeiss” are unrestricted. And spelling makes a difference. “Anschütz” is blocked, but “Anschutz” can be used. “Hollow Point” is blocked, yet “Hollowpoint” (as one word) is OK. You figure that out….

It’s hard to guess which search terms will work and which won’t, except you can be sure that most keyword phrases which include the terms “ammo”, “rifle”, or “firearm” will be censored. Likewise, most search terms based on cartridge types (Rimfire, 45 ACP etc.) or bullet diameters (5.56, 30 Caliber, 7mm etc.) are blocked. But you can still search for “gun”, oddly enough. And this editor can’t fathom why I can search for Bushnell, Zeiss, Swarovski, and Nikon, but not “Leupold”.

Sample Search Terms Blocked (No Results Returned)
5.56, .308, 30 Caliber, 7mm, 9mm, 1911, Ammo, Ammo Can, Ammunition, Anschütz, AR15, Barrel, Black Powder, Beretta, Brownells, Browning, Creedmoor, Firearm, Glock, Gunstock, Hollow Point, Hornady, Leupold, Magazine, Muzzle, Muzzleloader, Optics, Pistol, Reload, Rifle, Rifle Scope, Rimfire, Rifle Stock, Savage, Sig-Sauer, Shooting, Weaver, Winchester.

Sample Search Terms Allowed (Results Returned)
Airgun, Anschutz, Ballistics, Barrel, Benchrest, Bullet, Bushnell, Cartridge Brass, Gun, Gunpowder, Hollowpoint, Hunter, Hunting, Marksman, Press, Rangefinder, RCBS, Reloading, Remington, Scope, Shooter, Shooting, Shooting target, Sierra, Sinclair International, Spotting Scope, Stock, Target, Trigger, Zeiss.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that this was NOT an exhaustive test of search terms, and Google could change or alter its “block list” at any time.

To explain its content-filtering system, Google Shopping recently sent an email to vendors around the country. As received by Hamlund Tactical and then posted on the web, that email declared:

Dear Merchant,

We’re writing to let you know about some upcoming changes to the product listings you submit to Google. As we recently announced, we are starting to transition our shopping experience to a commercial model that builds on Product Listing Ads. This new shopping experience is called Google Shopping. As part of this transition, we’ll begin to enforce a set of new policies for Google Shopping in the coming weeks. A new list of the allowed, restricted, and prohibited products on Google Shopping is available on our new policy page: http://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/ApI7UWRj6OCZpd.

Based on a review of the products you’re currently submitting, it appears that some of the content in your Merchant Center account, [Vendor Name], will be affected by these policy changes. In particular we found that your products may violate the following policies:

When we make this change, Google will disapprove all of the products identified as being in violation of policies. We ask that you make any necessary changes to your feeds and/or site to comply, so that your products can continue to appear on Google Shopping.

To help you through this new set of policies and how to comply with them, we would like to give you some specific suggestions regarding the changes needed to keep your offers running on Google Shopping.

As highlighted on our new policy page http://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/ApI7UWRj6OCZpd, in order to comply with the Google Shopping policies you need to comply first with the AdWords policies http://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/StQ08jAzM4fVtG. We do not allow the promotion or sale of weapons and any related products such as ammunitions or accessory kits on Google Shopping. In order to comply with our new policies, please remove any weapon-related products from your data feed and then re-submit your feed in the Merchant Center. For more information on this policy please visit http://www.google.com/appserve/mkt/GbBNIGHOribLzf.

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