January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 and Message to Our Readers Worldwide

AccurateShooter.com Forum New Year 2016 donation
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Happy New Year to all our readers worldwide, and especially the nearly 34,000 members of our AccurateShooter Forum. We hope 2017 brings you happiness in your lives and success in your endeavors. And we wish for small groups, good scores, and successful hunts in the New Year.

AccurateShooter.com ForumWe upgraded our site in the beginning of 2016, making our Forum mobile-friendly with new faster, more modern software. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our feature articles, our Daily Bulletin, our match reports, and our Free Forum Classifieds. The formula seems to be working — our audience is bigger than ever and it just keeps growing, with over 550,000+ unique users visiting the site every month.

Forum Membership Grows 14% in 2016
Our Shooters’ Forum grew significantly in 2016. Our membership grew by over 14% as Forum ranks swelled to nearly 34,000 members! More people are successfully buying and selling in our FREE Forum Classifieds section than ever before. Remember, user donations help make our Free Classifieds possible.

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We need your support. For over 13 years the site has relied largely on volunteer efforts by dedicated shooters. But as the site grows, serving a larger audience, we need the assistance of freelance writers and video producers, plus help from expert computer and software techs. Those guys don’t work for glory alone.

Consider this — what do you pay for a couple of movie tickets these days? Maybe 20 bucks for 90 minutes of escapism. For around two bucks a month ($20-$25 per year) you can help this site provide a YEAR’s worth of info, tests, tech tips, bargains, and shooting news.

In the past quarter of 2016 about 190 site users have donated. We thank all those who have generously contributed. But that still leaves tens of thousands of users who access the site regularly without contributing. With more donations we can deliver more premium content and offer more services to our members.

Here’s our proposal. First, if you have used our FREE Classifieds to successfully sell your rifles or shooting gear, consider sending in $10.00 from your sale proceeds. Second, for those who use the site regularly, consider donating $20 for the year. That will help us sustain our operations, for the cost of couple of movie tickets (or one large pizza).

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Making a donation to the site is simple and easy. Just click on the orange “Donate” button at right. If you have a credit card, you don’t need a Paypal account to contribute. Any sum is welcome — with $20 the average annual donation.

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