November 2nd, 2009

Hornady Team Wins Int'l Tactical Rifleman's Championship

Cooley Voight ITRC WyomingLate this summer, the International Tactical Rifleman’s Championship (ITRC) was held in Gillette, Wyoming at the Surefire Training Facility run by Dave Lauck. Team Hornady shooters Bennie Cooley and Michael Voigt captured their sixth ITRC win, besting 27 other teams, including Special Forces, law enforcement, and military personnel.

The match is a grueling three-day event held for teams of two marksmen. The event challenges each two-man team with multiple scenarios involving pistol targets to 50 yards, carbine targets to 500 yards, and precision rifle targets to 1,000 yards. One partner ranges and calls shots while the other shoots, with roles interchanged during the stages. Typically, the long-range rifle targets are at “unknown” distances, requiring ranging skills and excellent communication between spotter and shooter.

This year, the long-range field courses involved pistol, carbine, and rifle targets. First one or both team members engaged pistol targets out to 50 yards. Then, one shooter engaged the medium range (0-500 yards) carbine targets. Next his partner shot bolt-action rifle at targets from 0-1000 yards. In addition to the long-range stages, this year’s IRTC included a shorter-range (Gully) pistol + rifle event, a “Scramble” event for carbines with targets out to 550 yards, a timed Team vs. Team event, plus a 500-yard ‘Egg Shoot’ for bolt rifle.

CLICK HERE for a full ITRC Course of Fire and Rules

Cooley Voigt ITRC WyomingZak Smith of Thunder Beast Arms, who has competed at the ITRC, explains: “The D&L Sports Int’l Tactical Rifleman Championships (ITRC) is a 3-Gun match unlike conventional 3-Gun matches. The ITRC has field courses from 1 to 2.5 miles long which must be finished in times from 45 minutes to two hours by teams of two: a bolt rifle shooter, and a carbine shooter”.

All ITRC courses of fire demand movement from the team across varied rugged terrain and even obstacle courses. ITRC matches typically offer “shoot while moving” stages, which can include shooting from a raft on a lake, shooting from a helicopter in flight, or shooting from the back of a moving Humvee. Overall, the ITRC is a very challenging event that places exceptional demands on both equipment and shooter skills. Below is an ITRC highlight video showing event stages.

YouTube Preview Image

DISCLAIMER: This video (@ 4:00) shows two pistols that are covered in dirt or mud and then fired before the barrels were carefully checked for obstructions. This is a UNSAFE practice.