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June 6th, 2020

Ranges Are Opening Again — Find a Place to Go Shooting

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many private and public shooting ranges have been closed. Thankfully many of those range closure orders have been lifted. This coincides with the easing of stay-at-home restrictions in many states. We know our readers want to get out of the house, and get to the range again. Plus experts say that being outdoors and getting Vitamin D exposure can help general immune system health — though you should still observe safe social distancing at public ranges.

If you are looking for a nearby range, you can quickly find shooting facilities on the NSSF’s website. There is also a handy Mobile App that lists ranges. NOTE — because range facility policies are changing on a day-by-day basis, you should always CALL the range before you pack your vehicle and hit the road. Also, find out the health policies in effect — are masks required, are there limits on group size, is social distancing mandatory?

A service of the NSSF (Nat’l Shooting Sports Foundation), offers a Searchable Database of pistol, rifle, and shotgun ranges around the country. You can search by state, or select a particular distance from any zip code. The database is very complete. The individual range pages also include web addresses, phone numbers, and map links. The example below shows the results of a search for shooting ranges near Boulder, Colorado:

Where to Shoot Mobile App

The NSSF also offers a Where To Shoot Mobile App. Available for both iOS and Android devices, this App quickly locates shooting ranges near you, drawing on North America’s most comprehensive range directory. Users can search by current location, state, or zip code. Once you locate a range, you can view activities offered along with a summary of range facilities. You can even get driving directions.

CLICK HERE for FREE Apple iPhone and iPad App | CLICK HERE for FREE Android App

where to shoot mobile app nssf range locator software

Where to Shoot iOS App for iPad

where to shoot mobile app nssf range locator software

The app is modeled after NSSF’s popular® website and is updated frequently with range information for every U.S. state and Canadian province. Once you’ve located a place to shoot, the App can provide directions to the range. The App also includes video tips for shooters, news, and firearm-safety information.

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October 25th, 2012 Website and App Locate Shooting Ranges

Looking for a shooting facility close to home? Need a place to zero your hunting rifle? Or perhaps you’re planning a trip this fall and want to find a gun range near your vacation destination. Then check out This NSSF-sponsored website provides the most comprehensive online directory of shooting ranges in North America. Listings are updated frequently with range information for all U.S. States and Canadian Provinces. You can search by state, by zip code, or by keyword. You can also limit your search to specific types of facilities (such as indoor pistol ranges).

Where2Shoot App for iPhones
Folks with smart phones can access the WhereToShoot range database via the FREE Where2Shoot iPhone App. This handy App also provides shooting sports news and safety tips.

UPDATE Oct. 25: and websites are having technical problems. NSSF allows anyone to search for a place to shoot in their area. Site users can simply enter their state or zip code and a list of shooting ranges is created. Searches can be further narrowed by selecting which shooting discipline you are interested in. NOTE: If you own a shooting range or if you’ve recently changed locations, NSSF encourages you to enter or update your range information.

Bonus Features on
In addition to its range-locating capability, the site now offers a number of other Resources for Shooters, including links to video tips, free printable targets, news about local shooting events and opportunities, safety information and more. Below are three of the NSSF’s nine free PDF targets:

Free target Free target Free target
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April 5th, 2012 — New Online Database of Shooting Facilities

Forum member Stan C. (aka BigBamBoo) has created an impressive FREE online database of shooting ranges and clubs throughout the fifty United States, plus Canada. Stan’s new website,, is simple to use — and it is wicked fast. A handy state/province pull-down menu lets you instantly find all the shooting venues in any particular U.S. State or Canadian Province. Alternatively, you can search for ranges within a given radius of a location or zip code — that’s great when you want to narrow your focus to a particular metropolitan area. The database is very comprehensive, and search results came up almost instantly for us. We ran searches for a number of zip codes near the offices in southern California. Overall the results were impressive, though there was a prominent omission — the Ojai Valley Gun Club, our ‘home range’, didn’t appear. So be aware that the database may not be 100% just yet. But with time, it should become more complete, as users can submit their entries to augment the database. employs Google mapping technology that automatically maps the location of all search results. Each shooting facility (returned by the search) is shown by a “bullseye” tag on a regional map. Click the name of a particular facility, and the display switches to a site-specific layout with details about the facility, plus a street map you can use to get there. See example below: vs.
Credit Stan C. for working very hard over the last couple of years to create a database that is comprehensive, powerful, fast, and easy to use. is a great resource for shooters throughout the USA and Canada. is a genuine rival to the well-established, an online database of shooting facilities, maintained by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

You may be thinking, “OK, if and both locate shooting venues, which online directory should I use?” Well, it depends… is “faster” but is “deeper”. If you simply want to locate and map a shooting range, is hard to beat for speed and ease of use. However, if want to find out what kind of programs and facilities are offered at a particular shooting range or club, then you should use The typical site profiles on are more detailed. For larger clubs, you’ll find details such as range yardages, disciplines supported (silhouette, high power etc.), and specific facilities (clubhouse, on-site camping).

Because and both have their strengths, we suggest you bookmark both sites. Use for super-quick searches, and then switch to if you want additional details on specific programs and site facilities.

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July 30th, 2010 Listings Expanded and Updated

Shooting Ranges DatabaseThe National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) recently completed a six-month effort to expand and update the web database of shooting venues. Hundreds of new places to shoot have been added and thousands of listing updates have been made. is a free online resource that lists range locations, along with descriptions of facilities and types of shooting offered. The site is particularly helpful to new participants to the shooting sports as well as active participants who have moved to a new location. Visitors simply enter their state, area code or zip code and a list of places to shoot is created. Searches can be further narrowed by selecting which shooting discipline you are interested in. If you own or operate a shooting range that is not listed yet, NSSF encourages you update your range information free of charge.

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