May 12th, 2010

Davidson’s Unveils New Online Video Hub with Product Videos, the website of firearms distributor/wholesaler Davidsons Inc., has just unveiled its new VIDEO HUB. The Gallery of Guns Video Hub offers TV show previews, informational videos from Ruger and the NSSF, plus scores of product videos illustrating rifles, pistols and shotguns. If you’re interested in gun-centric video programming, check out the new VIDEO HUB. It’s a good resource if you’re planning to purchase a factory-built pistol, shotgun, or AR-style rifle. Unfortunately, as yet, there is little of interest for fans of precision bolt-guns, but Davidson’s will likely augment the content mix in the future. Click the image below to visit the new VIDEO HUB. Warning: Turn down your computer speaker volume if you are at work!

Davidson's Video Hub