March 12th, 2007

Book Review: Mike's Magnum Opus

Mike Ratigan Rifle Accuracy BR bookMike Ratigan, a top Benchrest competitor (and Super Shoot winner), has just released an outstanding new book, Extreme Rifle Accuracy. This book is valuable for anyone involved in precision shooting, though Mike’s principal focus is on 100/200/300 Benchrest competition. Other top shooters tell us Mike’s new book is a “must-have” resource:

Butch Lambert: “It is far and away the best BR book written. Very comprehensive, it touches on every aspect of our game.”

Tom Rose: “I have a copy of Glenn Newick’s Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy which was great. However, this [368-page] book appears to be the next step in defining the sport of extreme rifle accuracy. Great photos and explanations of our sport.”

Mike Marcelli: “This is by far the most comprehensive book on the sport ever released. Mike not only hits the major points, like rest alignment and bag set up, he even addresses the little issues such as making sure your rest feet are on a solid surface and checking to see if the bench is stable before shooting. He points out all the little things that can bite you.”

To order the book, priced at $34.95 for softcover and $42.95 for hardback, contact Mike Ratigan at (580) 256-2963, or fax/mail this ORDER FORM.