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March 14th, 2007

Savage Unveils New F-Class Stock

Savage Arms plans to release a factory-built F-Class rifle later this year. The initial stock design was controversial to say the least. However, the new design looks excellent. It features a 3″-wide fore-end, with venting slots cut on the sides AND the bottom. The rear of the buttstock runs straight back from the grip area and features a bottom flat that looks to be at least 1″ wide. The complete rifle will feature a right bolt, left port action (and possibly a right/right), with a 6-ounce Accutrigger. There is a discussion of the new stock on For a larger photo, CLICK HERE. Thanks to Vanessa Warner for these photos.

Savage F-Class Stock

Savage F-Class stock

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March 14th, 2007

Good Hard Case for Long BR Rifles

The long barrels and big scopes used on F-Class and long-range BR Rifles make it difficult to find a hard case long enough to fit the entire rifle. Our readers have asked “Where can we find a good, rigid, metal case (under $75.00) with built-in locks that will hold a rifle with 31″ barrel?” The BD505W model from Bulldog Cases fits the bill. 53″ long and 13″ wide, it will hold a rifle up to 52″ in overall length. While designed to hold two normal hunting rifles, if you have a big Nightforce on top consider this a one-gun case. But you can afford one for each of your long-barreled rifles. The BD505W costs just $59.39 from MidSouth Shooters’ Supply (item 208-BD505W).

Bulldog Aluminum Rifle Case

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