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April 11th, 2007

Cool Hats for Hot Days

Summer’s approaching and temperatures are starting to heat up. For all-day sessions at the range, it’s a good idea to wear a hat that shades your ears and neck from the sun. At the 2006 F-Class Nationals, we noticed that many of the top competitors, including winner Eric Bair and runner-up Alan Warner, sported wide-brimmed hats. Alan even wore his hat while shooting.

Alan Warner F-Class

Cabela’s sells excellent brimmed hats that feature 50+ UPF sun protection ratings and moisture-wicking sweatbands. These are similar to boonie hats, but are more comfortable, better ventilated, and have a slightly broader and stiffer brim. The Yellowstone Breezer Hat, our favorite, has a mesh top, and is on sale right now for $19.88, item OG-951124. A DeLuxe Breezer Hat, with fully-vented top, is $29.95.

Cabelas Yellowstone Breezer hat

Cabela’s RiverGuide Series hats, shown below, are also on sale for just $19.88. The San Juan Packable Hat (item OG-951125), available in Sage (green-gray) or Natural tan is soft, well-ventilated, and packable. There is also a canvas version (item OG-951126) with a foam crown insert so it floats–great if you use the hat when boating or fishing. To order any of these summer hats, click this Cabela’s LINK and type in the item number.

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April 11th, 2007

Expedition Cases for Rifle Transport

You need a strong gun case for valuable rifles. One of our forum members recently shipped a costly match rifle via UPS. When it arrived the fancy stock was broken in half. Replacement cost? $961. We’ve also found that the inexpensive plastic cases with foam padding can put a serious side load on your scope turrets or iron sights that can affect the zero. We’ve seen a Redfield Olympic rear sight actually bend from the side pressure in a cheap plastic rifle case. The best systems for gun transport, in our view, are the expedition cases that store rifles vertically, side-by-side. This puts no bending or lateral pressure on the gun or scope/sight mounts. Also, with this “toaster”-style layout you can place the gun case on the ground with the lid open, and the rifle and optics are still shielded from dust and blowing sand.

Cabelas Safari Double Rifle CaseThe very best side-by-side gun cases are built by Ziegel Engineering, (562) 596-9481. Featuring heavy-gauge aluminum with welded corners, Ziegel cases are beautifully made, but expensive. Ziegel’s Double Expedition Box with cam locks retails for $639.95. A similar product is offered by Cabela’s for much less money. The “bullet-proof” Safari case, made from .063″ marine-grade aluminum with welded corners, costs $359.99 for a 2-gun version, and $379.99 for a 3-gun version. Click THIS LINK and type in “226585” for the Cabela’s item number. NOTE: The interior slots, from foam edge to foam edge, are 50.75″ long. That should fit rifles up to a 30″ barrel unless you have an extended buttstock or bloop tube.

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