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April 12th, 2007

Hornady 22-Cal 50gr V-Max on Sale

50 grain Hornady V-max varmint bulletLock, Stock, and Barrel has a great deal right now on Hornady 22 Caliber (.224) 50 grain V-Max bullets: $29.00 per box of 250 bullets, item HRN22616. (That works out to just $11.60 per hundred!) These are regular production bullets, not blems or seconds. Offer limited to five 250-ct boxes per customer and stock on hand. With a short boat-tail and polymer tip, the 50gr V-Max is accurate and very explosive on varmints. You’ll find loads for this bullet in our .223 Rem Cartridge Guide. Contributor Graymist’s favorite .223 Rem load is the 50gr V-Max pushed by Hodgdon H4895. He says “this combo has worked great in every .223 he’s shot.”

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April 12th, 2007

Star-D Pro Tripods on Ebay

Star-D tripodThe Davidson Star-D tripod is a solid, all-metal rig that is sturdy enough to be used for movie cameras. Star-Ds feature convenient rotary cam (collet) leg height adjustments and all-metal tilt and pan controls that lock solidly. The center post is clamped with a big locking ring that adjusts for tension. The rugged, machined-aluminum Star-D tripods are no longer in production but you can find good “previously-owned” models for sale on eBay. This tripod is ideal for use with a chronograph or spotting scope (for viewing in sitting or standing positions). Right now there are three nice Star-Ds on Ebay, items 170099554007, 230114024777, and 230114022708. If these units sell out, watch for the newer Star-Ds with all-silver heads and cam-locked legs. You can often pick them up for under $25.00. Look for the latest versions, as shown in the picture.

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