April 20th, 2007

Berger 105 VLDs on Sale at MidwayUSA

Berger’s 6mm 105gr VLD bullet has set multiple world records, including Terry Brady’s 0.860″ 600-yard IBS 5-shot record group. Berger has recently acquired new dies for the 105 VLD which should make the bullet more dimensionally consistent than ever before. Be aware, however, that since the new 105s are produced on a new die, the diameter is somewhat smaller and you may have to adjust your load. Through April 30th, MidwayUSA has Berger 105 VLDs on sale, for $19.99 per 100, item 195087. Midway isn’t able to pull specific lot numbers, but 105s made on the new die are Berger lot number 559 or higher.

Berger 105 vld 6mm bulletEric Stecker of Berger Bullets tells us: “We use certified gauges and indicating micrometers to measure the OD. The new die produces bullets that are .2431 to .2432 at the pressure ring and .2430 at a point half way up the bearing surface. A measurement taken on the bearing surface close to the ogive will be .2429. The taper on these bullets is straight which we believe is good as this taper may line things up nicely in the bore.

Here is the important part: They are two things that happen during this type of change: 1. Due to the EDM and polish process no die maker can make the ogive portion of the die exactly the same. This produces a slight change in where the bullet will touch the rifling based on your seater die setting. The change could go either way (in or out). 2. Since the diameter of the bullet is smaller than what the previous die created the portion of the bullet that engages the rifling is moved back.

To make these bullets shoot well, treat them as an entirely new bullet and work up a load adjusting seating depth and neck tension. The nice thing is that once you get this dialed in you will be set for a while as we are dedicating this particular die to making nothing but 105 gr. These bullets are not undersized based on a .2430 groove diameter however they are smaller than previous lots. Dial them in as you would any new item and you will be happy with the results.”

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