April 28th, 2007

Source for Short Magnum Load Data

Interest in the short-action magnums continues to grow among long-range and F-Class shooters. The 7 WSM, and versions made from 270 WSM or 300 WSM brass, have already proven themselves as a 1000-yard rounds. There is new interest in the Rem SAUM now that Norma brass is available. We often get requests for load data for these short magnums. Luckily, data for the WSM and Remington SAUM has been collected by ShortMags.org (now part of NetRifle.com). Click HERE to visit a page that contains collected data from all the major bullet makers and the Powder manufacturers. You’ll also find WSM/SAUM load data from Guns & Ammo magazine, Handloader magazine, and Shooting Times magazine. Most files are in Acrobat (.pdf) format, including bonus ballistics tables and drop charts for the WSM and SAUM.

short magnum load data

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