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July 28th, 2008

Shehane Big Dawg 4"-Wide MBR Tracker

Bill Shehane has a new version of his MBR Tracker stock. This features a longer, deeper, and wider fore-end for added stability and more resistance to torque with the heavy calibers. Called the MBR ‘Big Dawg’, this stock is cut 4″ longer than a standard Shehane ST-1000 Tracker. This provides a “longer wheelbase” for better balance with very long (30″+) barrels. (The ST-1000 itself is 3″ longer than most benchrest stocks.) The Big Dawg is available with a 4″-wide or 5″-wide forearm, and will handle barrels up to 40″ in length and 1.5″ in diameter. In the top photo, taken by Forum member Preacher, you see a 4″-wide Big Dawg next to a normal ST-1000 Tracker. (Both stocks are symmetrical; there is distortion caused by wide-angle lens.)

This color pattern is what Bill calls “Prairie Dog Camo”, a Rutland laminate in orange and dark gray, with olive ‘accent’ layers. The price for a ‘Big Dawg’ in Rutland laminate is $525. In African Obeche wood (any color choice), the price is $725.00. For more info, contact Bill Shehane at (704) 824-7511, or visit his website,

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July 28th, 2008

30-Cal Lapua 155gr Scenar Bullets on Sale

The .308 caliber 155gr Lapua Scenar is one of the top-performing bullets for Palma competition. It is also an excellent choice for any .308 shooter seeking superior long-range match performance with reduced recoil. Lapua bullets, in our experience, have proven extremely uniform, and the forgiving tangent ogive design shoots well both “jumped” and “jammed”. Some shooters prefer these bullets seated firmly into the rifling, while others get best results with the Scenars jumped .015″ or more.

Lapua Scenar bullets

The 155gr Scenars are currently on sale at MidwayUSA, item 203923. As part of an inventory reduction sale, MidwayUSA has cut its price on Scenars from $39.49 to $29.63, a 25% savings.

Save Big on 1000-count Bulk Bullet Packs
For an even better deal, has 1000-count boxes of 155gr Scenars for $256.79 (item LU4HL7073). That works out to just $25.68 per 100 and Graf’s price for the 1000-count box INCLUDES shipping. For an even lower price, Powder Valley sells the 1000-count box of 155gr Scenars for $237.92, item LAPHL70731000. You’ll find other types of Lapua bullets VERY competitively priced at Powder Valley. Note, however, unlike, Powder Valley does not include shipping in the price of the bullets.

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July 28th, 2008

Army Marksmanship Unit Teams Dominate Interservice Match

The 2008 Interservice Rifle Match was held recently in Quantico, Virginia. Shooters of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) won EVERY team match of the competition. More than 125 shooters from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Reserve and National Guard competed in the rifle championships at Quantico Marine Corps Base.

The Army Marksmanship Service Rifle Team won the prestigious Interservice Rifle 10-Man Team Match, winning the Service Rifle Interservice Championship Trophy. Team coaches were Sgt. Walter E. Craig Jr. and Sgt. 1st Class Emil Praslick III. Shooters were Sgts. 1st Class Lance D. Dement, Grant L. Singley and Kyle A. Ward, Staff Sgts. Joel S. Micholick and Tobie L. Tomlinson, Sgt. Brandon K. Green, Spcs. Tyrel L. Cooper, Calvin G. Roberts, Matthew T. Sigrist and Nathan J. Verbickas. Ward shot highest score of 495 points out of a possible 500.

The USAMU Team coached by Praslick beat 12 teams to win the Marine Corps Infantry Trophy Team Match. Team shooters were Cooper, Dement, Green, Pace, Singley and Ward. A second USAMU team coached by Tomlinson took second place.

ARs and 6.5×284 Bolt Guns for Long Range
In the 1,000-Yard Team Match, Praslick’s team won in the Any Rifle Any Sights Division by 52 points. Staff Sgt. Daniel J. Peters captained the team made up of Cooper, Green, Tomlinson, Dement, Roberts and Pfc. Sherri Jo Hurd. In the long-range matches, USAMU soldiers shoot modified M-16A2 rifles and the 6.5×284 match rifles with scopes or iron sights to hit a 10-inch X-ring target from the prone position at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards.

The USAMU also took home some individual trophies as well. Green won the Interservice Long Range Championship in the Any Rifle Category and Sigrist took the Service Rifle Category. Green was the winner in the Interservice 1,000-Yard Match. In the 600-Yard Match, Dement won the Any Sight Category while Craig won the Service Rifle Category.

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