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July 2nd, 2008

Davis Optical Boosters–More Models, More Options

Last summer we featured the Optical Booster from Gene Davis that magnifies the image viewed with Benchrest scopes. Since then, we’ve received dozens of questions about the product. Gene’s Boosters have proven very popular, and over the past year he’s brought out new models, including a slip-on version that fits most 1″ or 30mm scopes. You can now see all the offerings on Gene’s website,

Boosters Now Offered for Leupold, March, Nightforce, Sightron, and Weaver
Gene now sells Screw-in Boosters for Leupold Comp Series scopes (made after 2003), March scopes, NightForce BR scopes, Sightron BR scopes, and Weaver T-Series scopes. These screw-in, threaded 3X boosters cost $100.00 including shipping and insurance.

The original Gene Davis Optical Booster #1 is a Zeiss-made lens with threaded ring that simply screws on to your scope behind the eyepiece, using the threads provided for lens caps (consider it an eyepiece extension). This is now offered in a 3X version that boosts the viewed image roughly 30%, with with optimum boost on targets 20 to 200 yards away. Hence, on a 36X scope, Davis’ 3X Optical Booster creates the equivalent of a 46X power scope. Many long-range BR shooters using this product have reported that it does aid precise aiming. However, there is a price for the extra magnification — the reticle will appear slightly larger, and the image will appear somewhat darker. But, according to Gene: “the image darkening is almost imperceptible during prime daylight hours.”

We think Gene’s invention is a winner–a great way to get more magnification at a low cost — $100.00. We also like the fact that, unlike an internal boosting job, you can simply remove the booster if you want to return to the original magnification level. Installing the Optical Booster #1 requires no modification to your scope. However, Gene explains: “You may need to screw in the scope’s eyepiece (ocular lens) a bit to maintain the sharpness of the cross-hairs”.

New Slip-On Models Offer Interchangeable Lenses
For greater versatility, Davis now offers a Slip-On Optical Booster #2 with a rubber housing that fits any scope with an eyepiece diameter of 1.45″-1.75″. This allows you to easily move the Booster from one scope to another. In addition, a variety of lenses can be inserted in the flexible rubber housing. You can switch from a 3X Lens to Gene’s latest lens, the 4X-Multicoat Extreme Long-Range 50-to-Infinity.

Gene is developing other specialized lenses for hunting and long-range Benchrest that you can swap into the Slip-On Booster housing. As Gene explains: “We offer a range of lenses that will change in and out of the same housing that will fit on all of your 1 inch and 30 mm scopes in just a few seconds. Do a 50-yard bench rest shoot with our 3X Ultra Brite Lens in the morning and a 1000-yard bench rest with our 4X Multi-Coat Extreme Long Range Lens in the afternoon. Then, on the way home pop in one of our 2.5X hunting model lenses and put a little fresh meat on the table.”

The Slip-On Booster Model #2 currently costs $95.00 with 3X lens or $125.00 with 4X Long-Range Multi-Coat lens.

Gene reports: “The Optical Boosters do a fantastic job for old or poor eyes. We now have screw-in models to fit Leupold, March, Nightforce, Sightron, and Weaver Scopes. The Boosters require no internal modification and will not alter the factory warranty. To purchase, contact Gene Davis at (740) 503-4486 or visit

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July 2nd, 2008

Leupold Torx Screw Kit On Sale

Torx Head screws are superior to other fastener designs for attaching scope rings and bases. The patented Torx design can be tightened very firmly with much less chance of stripping. Torx-head screws are available in a variety of sizes and thread pitches to fit your particular rings and the scope base holes tapped in your receiver.

Leupold Torx Scope Mount

Now through July 31, 2008, MidwayUSA is offering a complete kit of genuine Leupold Torx-head screws with 80 base screws and 70 ring screws for just $30.00. That’s 25% off the regular $39.99 price. Every gunsmith should have this kit, and regular shooters might want to purchase the kit as well. When you’re mounting a new scope base or ring set, it’s great to have exactly the right Torx screw you need. The Leupold Torx screw kit, MidwayUSA item 235284, contains a 50/50 mix of black and silver color screws so you can match them to both black- and silver-finish scopes.

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