March 7th, 2009

Bartlein Family Offers Stock Painting

Frank Green at Bartlein Barrels has announced that custom stocks can be painted by a member of the Bartlein “team”, Terry Bartlein, (aka “Squirt”). Terry can produce a wide variety of stock finishes and effects, including metallics, fades, gradient shifts, plus graphics, flames, and lettering. Terry is very talented. He owned his own body shop for 20 years and he really liked doing custom paint work on motorcycles. He has painted everything from cars to bikes to gun stocks. He’s even custom-painted refrigerators and mail boxes.

If you want to have your stock painted by “Squirt”, contact Terry at Bartlein Barrrels, (262) 649-1574, or email Terry at squirt-bartlein [at] .

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