March 11th, 2009

Help Young Shooters with Tax-Deductible Gun Donations

The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) has introduced a new Donated Firearms Program to help support youth shooting programs. If you donate a “previously-owned” firearm, the YSSA will auction the gun on After the gun is sold, the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, will provide the donor with a receipt showing the sale value. You can then claim this amount as a charitable deduction on your income taxes.

Youth Shooting Sports Alliance

“The Donated Firearms Program provides an opportunity for sportsmen and women to donate their old guns and help the YSSA build the next generation of shooters” said David Baron, President of Baron Technology, Inc. and President of YSSA. Baron added “It may be just your old gun, but put in the right hands, it can help … the next generation of shooters and hunters.”

CLICK HERE to download YSSA gun donation form.

Prospective donors are asked to complete a sign-up form, available on YSSA’s website (or by clicking the above link). In addition to collecting the donor’s contact info, the form requests a description of the donated firearm(s) (including any known defects). The donor must also supply contact information for the Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder who will be shipping the donor’s firearm. The donor will be provided copies of all communications between the FFL holders involved. The donor must agree to pay for shipping of the firearm to the YSSA’s designated FFL holder — Red’s Army/Navy, Kitty Hawk, NC.

Auction proceeds will be used to purchase equipment and supplies for priority youth shooting sports programs nationwide. This is a worthy program that allows you to get a tax deduction for those old guns that may be sitting in your say. Visit the YSSA website for more information.

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