June 29th, 2011

Good Deals on Nosler “Custom Competition” Brass and Bullets

Nosler’s running a special sale right now on over-run brass and bullets. There are some very good deals on rifle brass, including .223 Remington brass at $29.95/100 — that’s 46% off Nosler’s regular price. 6.5×55 Swede brass is also deeply discounted to $31.95 — down from $51.00 per 50-count box. Other types of brass on sale are: 30-378 ($54.95), 340 Weatherby ($34.95), and .338 Lapua Magnum ($54.95 for 25 cases). That’s an attractive price for quality .338 LM brass.

Bulk-Pack Bullet Bargains
Nosler’s summer savings aren’t limited to brass supplies. Nosler is offering low-cost, 250-count bulk packs of Custom Competition Grade bullets. The 69gr, .224-cal bullets are just $46.95, marked down from $61.00. And the 190gr, .308-cal bullets are just $69.95 for 250 projectiles (reduced from $91.00). Log on to Nosler.com to check out this over-stock savings.

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