June 13th, 2011

Retracting Ballistics Data Tape Holder from Leupold

Leupold Ballistics tape holderIf you often shoot at multiple distances, it’s smart to keep a come-up table (ballistics chart) with your gun. Some guys have a laminated card, while others print out a ballistics chart and tape that to their buttstock. That works, but it’s not a very stylish solution.

Leupold sells a cool, compact Retractable Ballistics Chart that holds your ballistics data on a retractable tape in a plastic housing. Write your come-ups on the tape with a permanent marker pen, such as a fine-point Sharpie. Access the data just like using a measuring tape — pull out to read and then the tape rolls back into the housing. This black plastic, scope-mounted device retails for about $35.00. There are two different versions — part #54804 for 1″-diameter scope tubes and part #54778 for 30mm scopes.

Leupold Ballistics tape holder

Here are some user reviews:

“Much better solution than taping your drop chart to the stock. Just need to be careful of what type of pen you use to write in your data, some felt-tips smear. Has held up fine so far, no complaints.” — R.C., West Virginia

“It serves it’s purpose but $34 is a little pricey. I used masking tape cut down the middle to fit the size of the chart and wrote my come-up values in MOA on the masking tape. That way it is easily changeable without making permanent marks on the chart. Tape pulls out to about 9 inches.”
– D.H., Indiana

“I like to shoot long range and the retractable ballistic chart is much nicer than printing it on tape on the side of my rifle. I use a tactical scope so now I can pull out my ballistic information and set my range without my eye leaving the target. The only problem is pencil smudges, and felt tip will not come off. They need a replaceable print area on the tape.” — B.H., North Dakota

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