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December 29th, 2011

Whidden Composite Works $549.00 F-TR and Tactical Stock

You may not know it, but Whidden Composites, run by two-time National Long-Range Champion John Whidden, produces a nice series of hunting, F-TR, match, tactical, and general purpose gunstocks. These high-grade stocks all feature advanced composite construction, Whidden Gunwork’s signature V-blocks, three installed sling swivels, and a Pachmayr® Decelerator pad. Epoxy construction ensures that these stocks are stiff AND light. John explains: “All of our stocks are crafted with epoxy from core to finish. The core is an expanded epoxy blended to a density that perfectly balances weight, strength, and rigidity. The outer shell is an epoxy coating that is incredibly durable — but light enough to carry all day. The textured epoxy external coating forms a handsome, tactile finish that is great to hold.”

Whidden Composite Works 175 Stock

Built-in V-Block Standard, with Many Options Available
The latest stock design from Whidden Composite Works is the model 175 Tactical/F-TR stock. This unit offers a long, rigid fore-end, with a straight comb and straight buttstock toe. This makes it very well-suited for prone shooting with a rear sand-bag and front bipod. The design is ambidextrous so it can be used by either right- or left-handed shooters (with appropriate inlet). Five color choices are offered: black, silver, reddish brown, tan, and green. Base price, inletted for Rem 700 long- or short-action, is a reasonable $549.00 — remember that includes deluxe buttpad and the versatile V-block which allows one stock to be used with multiple barreled actions.

Whidden Composite Works 175 Stock

For the model 175, Whidden offers a number of options: $100 Fore-end Rail, $125 Adjustable Cheek piece, $135 Rear Monopod, and $75 Picatinny Bipod Rail. The sling attachments can also be flush-mounted for $10.00 per slot. For just $30.00 over the base price, Southpaws can order a left-hand version of the model 175 stock. Whidden Composites can also inlet for detachable bottom metal and for non-Rem actions (Tikka, Winchester, Sako, etc.), but it does cost more for these non-standard inlets.

Product Tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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December 29th, 2011

New ‘Quiet-22′ Rimfire Ammo from CCI — Just 68 dB of Noise

CCI quiet-22 Rimfire ammunitionHow would you like to be able to shoot a rimfire rifle or pistol that only makes 25% as much noise as a standard .22 LR gun? And no, we’re not talking about a suppressor-equipped firearm. CCI claims that its new Quiet-22 rimfire ammo “generates one-quarter the perceived noise level of standard velocity .22 LR rounds.” So this stuff is very quiet indeed, and it’s also affordable — a 50-round box sells for under $4.00 at major online vendors.

CCI’S 710 fps Quiet-22 Ammo only produces 68 Decibels (dB) of sound at the shooter’s ear (compared to 132-139 dB for a standard .22LR). How do we put that in perspective? Consider this: 68-70 dB is the noise level inside a typical family sedan cruising at 70 mph. For additional comparisons, a typical alarm clock ringer produces 80 dB of noise, while a hair dryer can deliver 90 dB. The sound levels at rock concerts can top 115 dB, and a chain saw can hit 125 dB.

To achieve its low sound levels, CCI’s Quiet-22 ammo sacrifices both speed and energy. Rated velocity is just 710 fps, and the 40gr LRN bullet only has about 36 ft-lbs of energy at 100 yards. So this ammo may not be a great choice for varminting, except for very small prey. On the other hand the ammo could be ideal for short-range plinking and fun shooting. For paper punching, CCI notes that Quiet-22 ammo offers better performance than an air rifle with similar noise levels. CCI’s Quiet-22 Ammo may also be perfect for areas where shooting is allowed, but noise pollution is a concern.

CCI quiet-22 Rimfire ammunition

Do You Need To Wear Muffs?
CCI says you can shoot this ammo without hearing protection. The 68 dB report of this ammo is well below the 85 dB(A) noise level at which OSHA requires hearing protection in the workplace. However, remember that, when you’re at a range with other shooters, you must shield your ears from the noise produced by other firearms. So even if you use Quiet-22 ammo, you’ll need muffs/plugs if other shooters nearby are using conventional rimfire and centerfire ammo.

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December 29th, 2011

Spectacular Arms on Display in NRA’s Petersen Gallery

In late 2010, the NRA’s National Firearms Museum opened its Robert E. Petersen Gallery, which now showcases 400 of the finest and most valuable firearms from the publishing magnate’s world-renowned collection. We know most of you haven’t yet visited the Petersen Gallery, so we’re presenting some “eye candy” from the Gallery to give you an idea of the quality of the collection.

Petersen Gallery

If you can’t make it to Fairfax, VA to view the collection first-hand, you can view a “virtual gallery” on The flash-based web gallery features hundreds of pro-quality “glamour shots” of the most notable arms in Petersen’s collection, including spectacular double guns and historic Gatlings. Controls allow you to rotate and zoom the images. Below are some representative samples from the Petersen Collection online gallery. CLICK HERE to view dozens more.

Petersen Gallery

Petersen Gallery

Petersen Gallery

All images copyright © NRA Museum, used with permission.
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