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December 8th, 2011

Miculek Stars in Practical Rifle Instructional DVDs

Legendary pistol and 3-Gun shooter Jerry Miculek stars in a great instructional DVD set from Brownell’s. The 3-Disc DVD set, “Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle”, shows Jerry working his magic with AR-platform carbines. This DVD set is available from (item 100-004-974) and from Jerry’s website.

The Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle DVDs cover every aspect of shooting the AR-15 in multi-gun matches — from the basics of stance, grip, trigger control, all the way to advanced shooting techniques. Specific topics covered include: 1) Setting up your rifle; 2) Stance grip and trigger technique; 3) Acquiring targets more quickly; 4) Shooting on the move; 5) Shooting multiple and moving targets; 6) Shooting behind cover; 7) Reloads and malfunction drills. Along with the instructional demos, the DVD provides basic and advanced drills that viewers can use to improve their shooting speed and accuracy.

The Miculek Practical Rifle DVD comes in a 3-Disc set. Disc One covers gun set-up and hardware selection (trigger, barrel, optics). Disc Two covers shooting technique — stance, position, weight distribution, target acquisition and other gun-handling skills. Disc Three is the “Application” — Jerry shoots typical courses of fire, showing how to engage various types and locations of targets with maximum efficiency.

Jerry Miculek Multi-Gun DVD
Photo courtesy ShootingUSA, which offers Jerry Miculek’s Pro Tips as streaming videos.

We predict serious multi-gun shooters will add this DVD set to their libraries. Produced entirely at Brownell’s studios in partnership with Jerry Miculek’s Bang Inc., the complete 3-Disc set runs 2 hours and 17 minutes. Each Disc features multiple camera angles (including “shooters’ eye view” through the optic), slow motion footage, and animated illustrations.

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December 8th, 2011

NRA Competition Range Distance Guide

NRA Range Facility GuideRange Requirements for NRA Comps
If you’re planning to add new competition programs at your shooting range or club, you need to know what disciplines can be conducted given your facilities. What are the requirements for firing stations, target locations, berm placements and so on? That’s where the folks from NRA’s Competitive Shooting Department come in.

A new FREE Range Distance Guide explains what competitions can be shot given the layout of your range. You may be surprised at how many disciplines can be offered even in a relatively short-distance facility: 3-Position BB Rifle at 5 meters, Tyro Course Action Pistol at 15 yards, Light Standing Smallbore rifle at 50 feet, High Power Rifle (reduced) at 100 yards and more.

With information for events from 5 meters to 1000 yards, this pamphlet is a helpful reference for any club offering NRA matches. Of course, if you decide to add new discipline(s) to your club’s agenda, you’ll need a rule book, scorecards, and scoring aids. Get these from the NRA Program Materials center by calling 1-800-7402 or visiting

In addition, clubs can sign up for a updates and E-news from the NRA Competitive Shooting department regarding new programs, rule changes, and other related subjects.

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