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December 4th, 2011

FREE Official Cartridge Diagrams on SAAMI Website

SAAMI, the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, is an association of the nation’s leading manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and components. Founded in 1926, SAAMI promulgates industry standards for firearms ammunition safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality.

SAAMI Cartridge Diagrams

New SAAMI Website Offers Free, Printable Cartridge Diagrams
SAAMI recently rolled out a new website loaded with invaluable info for shooters. From the new SAAMI site you can access hundreds of FREE official cartridge diagrams and chamber drawings for all ammo types: Rimfire, Pistol Cartridges, Rifle Cartridges, and Shotshells. Are you looking for the official 17 HMR diagram, or 6.5 Creedmoor, or 7mm Winchester Short Magnum? You’ll find them all, along with hundreds more, on the SAAMI site. Said Rick Patterson, SAAMI’s managing director. “This redesigned website will help provide greater visibility and understanding of SAAMI’s important work.”

Please Read These Instructions Carefully
To access the cartridge diagrams, go to SAAMI’s Technical Information webpage, and CLICK ON Cartridge and Chamber Drawings to reveal categories. You will find links to 20 new and/or updated cartridges there.

To find the full set of cartridge diagrams, you need to click on the link to Current Cartridge & Chamber Drawing documents — American National Standards Published by SAAMI. There you will find links to four categories of diagrams: Rimfire, Shotshell, Centerfire Pistol/Revolver, and Centerfire Rifle. These links will launch large PDF files that have diagrams of the cartridge types. NOTE: These are very large PDF documents. For example, the Centerfire Pistol/Revolver PDF is 189 pages long. You must scroll down to see the cartridge type you want.

Saami cartridge drawings

Unfortunately, the organization of the SAAMI site is much less convenient than before. Previously you could access a page and then simply click on a link for the cartridge you wanted to view. Below is a sample of the first page of the previous Rifle Cartridge Diagram List.

Red arrows show you where to click, after you launched the page under the old website.

SAAMI Cartridge Diagrams

SAAMI Standards Documents With Additional Info
You can also click the subcategory links under SAAMI/ANSI Standards to see multiple diagrams in a larger PDF file. You may have to click the SAAMI/ANSI standards line first to display the four sub-categories: Pistol/Revolver, Centerfire Rifle, Rimfire, and Shotshell.

Credit Boyd Allen for finding SAAMI’s Cartridge Diagram PDF Archive.


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December 4th, 2011

Lyman Case Prep Center Xpress $89.99 With Discount Code

High-volume hand-loaders can save time and effort by using power case prep machines. High Power shooters and varmint hunters, in particular, need to process large quantities of cartridge brass. One of the more versatile power case prep units on the market is the new Case Prep Xpress from Lyman. With five (5) power take-offs conveniently arranged on top of the machine, you can perform multiple functions quickly. Watch the video to see the unit in operation.

Lyman Case Prep Xpress Just $89.99 with Sinclair Code
Now through 12/19/2011, with Sinclair Promo Code 555444, you can get the Case Prep Xpress for just $89.99. That price includes a full set of accessories: Inside Deburr (VLD) Tool, Outside Deburr Tool, Flash Hole Uniformer, Primer Pocket Uniformer (Large and Small), Primer Pocket Cleaner (Large and Small), Case Neck Brushes (4 sizes), Case Neck Lube (Mica), Removable Dump Pan and Clean-up Brush. Editor’s NOTE: This is a very good price. We’ve seen the Case Prep Xpress priced at high as $117.00 elsewhere.

Lyman Case Prep Center holiday sale Sinclair

Here’s a user review from a Lyman Case Prep Express Owner: “The Lyman unit has more than adequate power/torque, unlike some other case prep units on the market, plus a solid exterior case, plus a decent selection of threaded tools. I’ve prepped several thousand cases without a hitch. I have no complaints or criticisms.”

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