June 12th, 2012

M1A Shooters Vie for over $27,000 Worth of Prizes This Summer

The NRA/Springfield M1A Match takes place August 5, 2012 at Camp Perry, Ohio. This special M1A match revives interest in the M14, and its modern derivatives. (Springfield’s M1A is a commercially-produced, semi-auto version of the M14.) At one time, M14-based match rifles dominated Service Rifle matches, but that’s history. Now M16/AR15 platform rule the roost in the Service Rifle game. But many shooters loved the old wood, .30-caliber rifles, leading to the creation of a special National Match just for M1A rifles. Renewed interest in the M1A, coupled with big-money sponsorship from Springfield Armory, led to the the first dedicated Camp Perry M1A match in 2008. That first-ever match proved a huge success, drawing over 500 shooters. Hundreds of M1A shooter are expected again this year.

NRA/Springfield M1A Match FAQ | NRA/Springfield M1A Match Entry Form

M1A Springfield RifleNick Till in 2009 M1A Match. Nick was the 2007 Service Rifle Nat’l Champion. Photo courtesy NRA Blog.

Over $27,000 Worth of Prizes for 2012 M1A Match
This year’s M1A Match will be the richest ever — with over $27,000 in cash and merchandise up for grabs. Springfield Armory has kicked in additional sponsorship to provide more payouts and prizes. The top three civilians receive prizes of $2,500, $1,500 and a M1A Rifle respectively. High Military, Woman and Senior receive $500 and a Springfield pistol each. The High Junior also receives $500 and an additional $500 is donated to their Junior Club. For everyone else who hasn’t already won a prize, $200 will be given out to 25 competitors using Lewis Class scoring. In addition, four Springfield pistols and two Springfield rifles will be awarded through prize drawings held during the match. No expert marksmanship needed for these — names are drawn out of a hat, all competitors have a chance to win.

M1A Springfield Rifle

M1A Match Course of Fire
Equipment rules allow pretty much all types/grades of M1As in the match. The one-day course of fire consists of 50 shots at 300 yards on the NRA MR-65F target, as follows: 5 sighters; 20 shots slow-fire prone; 10 shots rapid-fire prone; 10 shots rapid-fire, kneeling or sitting; and 10 shots slow-fire standing.

Video of 2009 M1A match at Camp Perry (NOTE: Loud wind noise — turn down speakers.)

YouTube Preview Image
Story based on reports by Kyle Jillson in the NRA Blog.

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