September 16th, 2012

Great Deals on the Best Gun Books — Picked by Our Editors

AccurateShooter Amazon.comBelieve it or not, 90% of non-academic printed books are sold in the last quarter of the year. If you are considering purchasing books for your own gun library or as gifts for family members or friends, we’ve just made your life easier. Over the past few years, we’ve compiled a list of the best-written and most informative books for rifle shooters and precision hand-loaders.

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You could spend days compiling your own list and then tracking down all these different titles. Or, with one click, you can find it all in one place in our new AccurateShooter virtual bookstore. We’ve teamed up with to provide the top titles at very competitive prices. All order-taking, payment processing, and shipping is handled by Amazon. We’ve just saved you the effort of finding the best titles.

Shown below are some of the most popular titles we carry. Use the arrows (lower right) to shuffle books from back to front. Click on a book jacket to get more info or start shopping. You’ll find dozens more quality gun-related titles in our Shooters’ Bookstore.

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