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September 10th, 2012

New Double-Stack Sure Feed Ammo Caddy by Tim Sellars

On his Facebook Page, Gunsmith Thomas ‘Speedy’ Gonzales featured the Sure Feed cartridge caddy by Tim Sellars. This device works well, and Tim can customize the height to fit your rifle and rest elevation. Speedy reports: “Here’s the new double-stack Sure Feed made by Tim Sellars out of Ft. Worth, Texas. This is one he made for me for my PPC. Each column holds 10 rounds plus five additional hole on the side for sighters or for holding a different test load. Tim makes these for all calibers and work great if you need to dump rounds down-range fast. Each consecutive round slides out and goes directly into the chamber without having to orient it into the correct position.”

To order a Sure Feed Cartridge Caddy (either the original single-stack or the new double-stack model), send email to sel248 [at], or call Tim at 817-581-7665, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Speedy adds: “Tim is very accommodating and will build just about whatever [size caddy] you want.” Single-column caddies are $85.00 (short) and $95.00 (tall). Call for prices on the double-stack models.

Sure Feed Ammo Caddies
Tim Sellars – Sure Feed
4704 Redondo Street
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Phone: (682) 240-7690 (cell)
eMail: sel248 [at]

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September 10th, 2012

Bryan Litz Will Provide Daily SOA Updates from Raton, NM

Bryan Litz of Applied Ballistics LLC, will be providing daily Spirit of America Match updates via the Applied Ballistics Facebook page. The match kicked off yesterday, September 9th, in Raton, New Mexico. Bryan says “Stay tuned this week as the drama unfolds and the best individuals and teams compete for the Championship”. Here is Bryan’s initial report:

Spirit of America match Bryan LitzThe Spirit Of America Match kicked off [Sunday] at the NRA Whittington center in Raton, NM. Clear skies, good weather and gentle winds greeted shooters from the USA as well four visiting countries: Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Germany. Applied Ballistics produced ammunition for both the South African and Australian teams. Bill might have done his job too well, since two out of the eight people ahead of him in the F/TR class are South African shooters whose ammo he personally loaded!

Bryan is one point behind leader Nancy Tompkins in the sling class (Nancy cleaned the course today!). Bill Wittman is four points ahead of second place in F-Open with a 446-22X!

Click links for Day One results for sling, F-Open, and F-TR shooters: F-Open | F-TR | Sling Division

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September 10th, 2012

Brass-maker Jamison Int’l Revived as Division of Captech Int’l

Founded by Marc Jamison, Jamison International built its reputation as a producer of unique, obsolete, and hard-to-find brass cartridge cases, including military, hunting, and African game calibers. Unfortunately, Jamison Int’l halted production 9 months ago. However, here is good news for shooters — Jamison’s machines are running again….

Jamison International has been “reconstituted” as a Division of Captech International. Jamison Int’l, now part of Captech, has moved its operations from Sturgis, SD to a new, 31,000 square-foot facility in Rapid City, SD. The new facility also offers ample room for expansion and machine refurbishment to reduce the cycle-time between production runs of Jamison’s cartridge cases. Marc Jamison will continue to oversee cartridge brass production operations to ensure quality standards.

Captech is now accepting orders on all of the previously Jamison-produced calibers as well as Jamison’s basic brass line for forming. “Many unique cases are currently available in stock and more are in production each week”, said a company spokesperson. CLICK HERE for list of Captech/Jamison cartridge brass products.

For more information, or to place orders, contact:

Kathy Greenhaw
Phone: (605) 791-1974
Email: Kathy.g [at]

History of Jamison International
In the late 1990s Marc Jamison decided the gun industry needed a producer of custom and obsolete cartridge brass. So in 1996 Marc founded Rocky Mountain Tool and Armory (RMTA) in Huntington Beach, California. In 2001 Jamison moved the business and machinery from California to Sturgis, South Dakota. The name of the company was then changed from RMTA to Jamison International. In 2003 Marc Jamison teamed up with Corey Kupersmith, who had recently acquired Cheyenne Tactical (CheyTac USA). This new partnership was called Jamison International VLLC. Together they purchased the assets of Bell Brass (aka Bell Extrusion Laboratories Ltd.) and then acquired equipment from PMC (aka Eldorado Cartridge Corporation). In its heydey, Jamison Int’l produced a wide variety of cartridge brass, as well as CheyTac ammunition, and lathe-turned .375 and .408 bullets.

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September 10th, 2012

Gun Trader’s Guide (34th Edition) Just Released

Gun Trader 34th EditionThe new, 34th Edition of the Gun Trader’s Guide has just been released. This fully-illustrated resource features current market values for thousands of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Along with the Blue Blue of Gun Values, the Gun Trader’s Guide is one of the two definitive resources on gun prices. If you buy or sell firearms, the Gun Traders’ Guide is a must-have item that will pay for itself. Over two million copies of the Gun Trader’s Guide have been sold to date. Order soon to be one of the first to own the new 34th Edition. Amazon’s price is $18.64 with free shipping for combined orders over $25.00.

You can order the Gun Trader’s Guide (34th Ed.), the Blue Book of Gun Values and other popular firearms and shooting books through the AccurateShooter Bookstore. To save you time, we’ve collected the best books on shooting, reloading, hunting, and gunsmithing all in one location. Ordering, secure billing, and shipping are all handled efficiently by

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