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May 31st, 2013

50 BMG Barrett M107 — Off-Hand First-Shot-Hit at 1000 Yards

Ryan Cleckner 1000 yards off hand m107 Barrett 50 bmgShooting a 50 BMG, off-hand, at 1000 yards may seem absolutely nuts, but read on — this story should make you smile. At the Texas Triggers Ranch (Sonora, TX), former Army Ranger and Sniper Team Leader Ryan Cleckner, shooting OFF-HAND, hit a torso-sized steel silhouette target at 1000 yards with a 50-caliber Barrett M107. That would be impressive enough, but consider this — Ryan hit the target on his first shot. And yes he was shooting standing (on his hind legs), holding the 37-pound rifle with his arms (no support).

Watch VIDEO of Ryan Cleckner Shooting Barrett M107 Off-Hand at 1000 Yards

Ryan Cleckner 1000 yards off hand m107 Barrett 50 bmg

Jumbo-Sized Ammo, and Jumbo-Sized Recoil
The ammo Ryan used in his 50 BMG Barrett pushes a 661-grain bullet at 2900 fps muzzle velocity. This load (fired from this 37-pound rifle), has 12,357 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle, and 81.88 ft-lbs of recoil energy. To put things in perspective, an 18-pound, .308 Win F-TR rifle, shooting a 168gr bullet at 2750 fps, has 7.99 ft-lbs of recoil energy. So, Ryan was shouldering a weapon that delivered more than Ten Times the recoil energy of a .308 Win. (Energy numbers calculated with Point Blank software). And he made it look easy. Kudos to Ryan for proving what a properly-trained marksman can do. Rangers Lead the Way….

Ryan Cleckner 1000 yards off hand m107 Barrett 50 bmg

Credit Steve Johnson of The Firearm Blog for finding this video.

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May 31st, 2013

USA Shooting National Rifle and Pistol Championships June 3-9

USA Shooting National ChampionshipsThe USA Shooting National Championships for Rifle and Pistol will be held June 3-9, at the home of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) in Fort Benning. More than 500 competitors will vie for national titles in rifle and pistol disciplines. This year’s National Championships serves as a World Cup selection match with the top-three finishers in each Olympic event open class earning a berth in the upcoming World Cup in Granada, Spain in July.

Many talented athletes will visit Fort Benning next week, including 2012 Olympian and Prone National Champion Michael McPhail and Olympic and USAMU teammate Eric Uptagrafft. 2012 Olympians Jason Turner and Keith Sanderson will be returning to defend their titles in Men’s 10m Air and 25m Rapid Fire Pistol. On the women’s side, 2012 Olympian Sarah Scherer looks to repeat as National Champion in 10m Air Rifle. Other standouts include National Rifle Team members Emily Holsopple, Sarah Beard, and Amy Sowash.

USA Shooting National Championships

More information can also be found on the USA Shooting website ( by clicking on the ‘Match Information’ link located under the ‘Events’ tab. Look for scores on USA Shooting’s match results page following each competition. Photos will be posted on USA Shooting’s Flickr photo gallery.

CLICK HERE to download the complete 2013 National Championships Schedule (XLS format).

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May 31st, 2013

Great Deals on Top-Rated Earplugs

Earplugs hearing protectionLooking for bargain-priced hearing protection for your gun club or shooting association? Contributing Editor German Salazar found some great deals on high-NRR earplugs.

Cooper Safety offers discount pricing on bulk packs of quality foam earplugs. The Howard Leight ‘Max’ plugs are now just $26.88 for 200 pairs, less than 13 cents a pair! These are some of our favorite foam plugs. They are comfortable and they have a 33db Noise Reduction Rating (NRR 33), the highest certified protection rating measured. Corded versions are also offered for $24.95 for ONE HUNDRED pairs (note quantity difference). Cooper also has the easy-to-insert Howard Leight Laser Lite disposable plugs. These cost just $21.95 for 200 pairs — less than 11 cents per pair. The pink/yellow Laser Lites feature a “winged” shape that some folks think is easier to place in the ear. The Laser Lite plugs are rated at NRR 32, slightly lower than the Howard Leight ‘Max’ plugs.

Re-Usable SmartFit Conforming Plugs
If you prefer a re-usable type of earplug, we recommend the orange Howard Leight SmartFit corded plugs. These three-flange plugs employ Conforming Material Technology (CMT) so the orange insert actually softens and conforms to your ear canal as it warms with with body heat. The longer you wear them the better they fit. They are a little stiff when you put them in initially, however they quickly form-fit and become much more comfortable, with a very good seal.

Earplugs hearing protection

Howard SmartFit ear plugs have a 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR 25). However, this Editor uses them regularly (I keep two sets in my range kit) and they really seem at least as quiet as most soft foam plugs. SmartFits are easily cleaned with warm water. These corded SmartFit plugs typically sell for a couple bucks at gunshops. You can save big-time by buying in bulk. sells 100 pairs of corded SmartFits for $68.95 (with free shipping). Each pair comes in a small carry-case.

Because SmartFits have a short stalk attached to the cord, they are easier to put in and take out over the course of a day. I prefer to use SmartFit plugs in situations where I’ll spend most of my time well away from the firing line (as when in the pits). I then insert them when I get closer to the action. In my experience, these are exceptionally effective when inserted properly. Though they have a lesser NRR than some foam plugs, in my ears, nothing silences noise better (once they’ve formed to fit). Others agree: “I have used many earplugs working in the offshore industry. I find these [SmartFits] far superior to others I have used. Tip — if you wet the end of the plug, they go in very easy and to the depth you need — Rick, Safety System Services”. You may want to try a pair — but be aware, some people can’t tolerate these because they are initially somewhat stiff. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em.

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