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May 5th, 2013

iScope Smartphone Adapter for Rifle Scopes (View and Record)

iscope smartphone adapterEver wish you could see the image from your riflescope on a large bright screen, and record your shooting experience when shooting targets or hunting? Well, here’s a new product that offers that functionality. The iScope is a handy adapter that connects a smartphone to your rifle scope — virtually any scope. You can see your target and cross-hairs easily without squinting and with your head in a comfortable position. Importantly, the image from the scope can be seen easily from a few feet away, allowing an instructor to provide guidance during the shooting process.

Jeff Foxworthy iScope Promo Video
(Install, App Launch, and Zoom at 1:10)

To use the iScope, you need a $0.99 App that allows you to zoom the image with a slider on your smartphone. This app also operates the Record on/off function, so you can record video clips. These can later be uploaded to YouTube and social media sites. Show the world your great bughole group, or your successful game hunt.

iscope smartphone adapter

Practical Advantage of Digital Viewing
iscope smartphone adapterWe think this product (or something like it) will be very valuable during training. The large view-screen allows instructors to “see what the shooter sees”, so the trainer can provide immediate feedback to the trainee. In addition, while practicing at long range, a shooter can record the position of wind-flags, or record mirage for later analysis. During a match, the iScope could be used by match directors to record shot placement, with a “shooter’s eye view”.

The iScope also offers obvious benefits for shooters with physical disabilities. Head positioning is critical with rifle optics — you must align your eye very precisely with a small circle of light (exit pupil) only a few millimeters in diameter. With a large viewscreen, a wheelchair-bound shooter can position himself comfortably and view the magnified scope image.

iScope Benefits

  • Shooting sessions can be recorded and reviewed later.
  • Hunters can record successful game hunts.
  • View Screen allows two-person, side-by-side training.
  • Digital Zoom allows greater magnification with low-power optics.
  • Shooters with eye problems can see target and cross-hairs more easily.
  • iScope helps Shooters with physical disabilities.

The iScope retails for about $110.00 ($99.00 on Amazon). All iScopes come prepackaged to fit the iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5 at this time. However, you can purchase other backplates to fit popular Android OS smartphones from Motorola and Samsung. The iScope is versatile — it fits nearly all rifle scopes and there is an adapter for spotting scopes also.

iscope smartphone adapter

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May 5th, 2013

Need Work? Major Firearms Industry Companies Are Hiring

Firearms Industry JobsA number of interesting jobs in the firearms industry have become available in recent weeks. The NSSF maintains a regularly-updated listing of employment opportunities with gun-makers and shooting sports organizations. On the NSSF’s job board right now there are tech and engineering offerings, PR and marketing positions, and Sierra Bullets and Nosler are even looking for Ballisticians. Here are some of the jobs we found this week posted on the NSSF Website. CLICK HERE for a complete listing (many more jobs).

Firearms Industry Jobs — Current Openings

Location Company/Organization Opening/Title
Brighton, CO Colorado Clays LLC Rifle & Pistol Range Manager
Newtown, CT National Shooting Sports Foundation Manager, Public Relations
Smyrna, GA Glock, Inc. Public Relations Specialist
Springfield, MA Smith & Wesson Firearms Asst. Brand Manager
Sedalia, MO Sierra Bullets Ballistician
Sedalia, MO Sierra Bullets Production Manager
Yonkers, NY Kimber Manufacturing Product Engineer
Bend, OR Nosler, Inc. Ballistics Technician
Bend, OR Nosler, Inc. Web Developer
Wilsonville, OR Crimson Trace Corporation National Sales Manager
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May 5th, 2013

Video Reviews History of M40 Sniper Rifle

M40 Sniper RifleRemington has produced a fascinating 8-minute video on the history of the M40 Sniper rifle, which is based on Remington’s m700 action. The video features interviews with former Army snipers, USMC Scout Snipers, and Seal Team members. Retired marine Jim Land, USMC Marksmanship Coordinator and O.I.C. (1st Marine Div., Scout Snipers), explains how the M40 came into existence: “Remington was about the only company that took us serious. [Remington] built the rifles in the custom shop. [It took only 16 months] from December of ’65, when we received the first test rifles, until April of ’67, when they were employed in the field. It’s probably one of the quickest turn-arounds on selecting a firearm to be used [by the military]. I’ve got to say that those rifles saved many, many Marines’ lives. The Remington 700 was such an improvement over the other rifles that we had… it was truly a godsend.”

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