May 5th, 2013

Video Reviews History of M40 Sniper Rifle

M40 Sniper RifleRemington has produced a fascinating 8-minute video on the history of the M40 Sniper rifle, which is based on Remington’s m700 action. The video features interviews with former Army snipers, USMC Scout Snipers, and Seal Team members. Retired marine Jim Land, USMC Marksmanship Coordinator and O.I.C. (1st Marine Div., Scout Snipers), explains how the M40 came into existence: “Remington was about the only company that took us serious. [Remington] built the rifles in the custom shop. [It took only 16 months] from December of ’65, when we received the first test rifles, until April of ’67, when they were employed in the field. It’s probably one of the quickest turn-arounds on selecting a firearm to be used [by the military]. I’ve got to say that those rifles saved many, many Marines’ lives. The Remington 700 was such an improvement over the other rifles that we had… it was truly a godsend.”

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