November 6th, 2010

McMillan Offers Limited Edition M40A1 Commemorative Rifles

McMillan Firearms is building 20 limited edition M40A1 Commemorative USMC sniper rifle packages. The M40A1 rifles are being built to the exact configuration as those originally issued. Gale McMillan, founder of McMillan, worked with the Marine Corps in 1975 to develop the M40A1. In 2000 the Marine Corps presented Gale with a Service Award, a used dewatted M40A1. Each of the commemorative rifles is a replica of this original M40A1.

m40a1 Commemorative Rifle

Package Includes U.S. Optics Scope and Extra M40A1 Stock Returned from Service
To ensure the authenticity of the M40A1 Commemorative Rifle, McMillan interviewed Marine armorers at Quantico on M40A1 specs and gunsmithing. Each rifle is equipped with a MST-100 scope, period correct base and rings, Wichita swivels, leather military sling, and a numbered certificate of authenticity. The package comes in a custom-inlet olive Pelican case. In addition to the rifle, each package includes an original returned M40A1 stock from an actual USMC M40A1 service rifle.

m40a1 Commemorative Rifle

“The original rifle stocks have seen combat in places like Panama, Granada and Desert Storm. We only have 20 stocks available for [this project].” said Kelly McMillan, director of operations for McMillan.

m40a1 Commemorative Rifle

Commemorative Rifle stocks are molded from the same contract mold and built to the same specs as those delivered by McMillan to the Marines Corps. The action, barrel, bottom metal, and trigger are all hand-crafted in the same fashion as the original with correct serial number and proof stampings. Topping off the 20 Commemorative Rifles are the last available US Optics MST-100 10X scopes, mounted in the historically correct clip-slotted base and rings. (US Optics picked up the M40A1 scope contract after it ran out with Unertl.) Total cost of the package is — hold on to your hat — a whopping $8,541.00.

CLICK HERE for more details, and to watch a video describing the Commemorative Rifles.

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