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November 12th, 2010

U.S. Army Reserve Shooters Dominate AFSAM Competition

U.S. Army Reserve TeamThe U.S. Army Reserve Shooting Team (USAR) performed superbly at this year’s Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting (AFSAM), conducted in October at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. The USAR Team captured the Overall AFSAM championship and the coveted Lexington Green Trophy.

First held in 1991, AFSAM is an multi-nation shooting competition open to all NATO countries. At AFSAM 2010, competitors hailed from seven countries. Eighteen formal teams competed, with several more squads shooting for honors. In addition to U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard teams from the United States, shooters from Canada, Australia, England, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway competed in this year’s events.

Strong Individual and Team Performances
USAR shooters started strong in the nine individual events, taking seven first places, five second places and five third places. In the overall individual rifle aggregate, USAR team members took gold for first place and four of the top ten places. In the individual pistol aggregate, USAR shooters took first through fourth and secured six of the top ten places..Most impressively off all, USAR team shooter MSG Lance Espinosa won first place overall in both rifle and pistol matches.

U.S. Army Reserve TeamIn team events, USAR teams took five first places, two second places, and four third places, earning trophies in nine of the ten AFSAM team events. In AFSAM team competition, National Teams vie for the Lexington Green Trophy, a Grand Aggregate comprised of the International Service Rifle match and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) match. The first is shot from 100 to 500 yards and ends with a run down, shooting at every yard line from 500 back to 100. The Close Quarter Battle starts with a mock casualty evacuation and ammo resupply exercise, requiring teams to run with two litters each loaded with 150 pound “casualties” and sprint to the firing point with eight 30 pound ammo cans. Shooters then fire four stages of a close quarters battle course. In this demanding CQB Match the USAR team finished 93 points ahead of the next closest team. That secured Lexington Green Trophy for the USAR team, as well as the overall AFSAM win.

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November 12th, 2010

Tactical Watch with Full-Featured Horus Ballistics Calculator

Just when we thought we’d seen everything, Horus Vision has teamed up with 5.11 to create a wristwatch with a built-in ballistics calculator. Priced at $199.95, the 5.11 Ballistics Field Watch incorporates the Horus Vision SureShotâ„¢ ballistic calculator, plus a digital compass to indicate direction and degree. The watch has a molded polycarbonate body, offered in three color choices: black, olive drab, and coyote tan. Equipped with a backlight for night use, the 5.11 Field Watch also features dual time zones, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and alarm.

5.11 Tactical Field Watch Horus Ballistics

Horus Tactical 5.11 watchFull-featured Ballistics Calculator
The ballistics functions are fairly complete. Using the four control buttons you can input temp, scope height (above bore), altitude, zero range, target distance, inclination (up/down angle), wind speed, wind direction, bullet BC (Ballistic Coefficient), and Muzzle Velocity. Then the watch will calculate your elevation and windage correction in either Mils or MOA-fraction clicks. It’s amazing that Horus packed all these features into a normal-sized watch.

CLICK HERE for Interactive Watch Demo.

NOTE: This online product demo is very cool. By clicking the buttons on an interactive watch mock-up, you can test all the functions and see how to input values into the Ballistics Calculator.

We haven’t compared the Horus/5.11 Ballistics Calculator watch with more sophisticated ballistics programs, but if you can remember all the buttons to push (and in what order) this watch appears to be a compact alternative to a laptop or PDA with ballistics software installed. Buyers have rated the watch highly: “Brillliant — I ordered the 5.11 Tactical Field Watch for my husband to use on his tour in Afghanistan. He loves it. He loves every feature it comes with and says that it’s accurate and durable.”

CLICK HERE for more detailed product review from

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