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November 25th, 2010

Holiday Hunt — 6mmBR for Deer

Forum member Jerry S. posted this story yesterday in our Shooters’ Forum. It shows that, with the right bullet and good shot placement, the diminutive 6BR is more than enough cartridge for deer.

I decided to try something different this year. Instead of dragging out my trusty .44 Smith or the 6.5×55 Remington 700, I took my 6mmBR Norma Prairie Dog rifle deer hunting. We got a lot of wet sloppy snow the week before the opener and had a freezing drizzle on the first morning. I decided to hunt close to the house since my old bones couldn’t handle the trip to my normal hunting stand.

I set the 6mmBR P-dog rifle up on my shooting bench and began the long, cold wait. The deer trail I was watching is about 180 – 230 yards from where I was sitting.

Buck Lined up in Cross-hairs
At about 2:30 this afternoon, I was watching some does feeding along the trail and looked away for a minute then looked back and saw a third deer moving up behind them. A quick check in the spotting scope showed horns and I got behind the rifle. There is no safety on my P-dog gun so it wasn’t loaded and I quickly chambered a round. The does stepped into the woods and the buck stopped for a minute and looked right at me. I centered the cross hairs on his chest and touched the trigger. I could hear the impact as he leaped straight in the air and hit the ground running into the woods.

6mmBR and .338 Win Magnum

I figured it was a good hit, so I poured a cup of coffee and relaxed for a bit to let him tire out and drop. After my coffee, I picked up my 6.5×55 and went out to where he was shot. I was 190 yards from my bench and there was no blood. He was headed toward a swamp south of me so I figured I’d cut him off and see if I could cut his trail farther into the bush. I hadn’t gone ten yards when I came across a good blood trail.

Deer blood trail

I followed it for a few more yards and found him crumpled up. He had only gone 25 yards from where he was shot. While I was looking at him and taking photos, two more deer showed up. You can see one standing on the other side of my rifle.

Deer staring at hunter

My buddy brought his 4-wheeler over and helped me drag it to the house where we skinned it out. The bullet had taken the top off the heart and he was totally bled out. All in all, it was a successful hunt, and the 6mmBR did its job.

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November 25th, 2010

Newcomers Shine at Dixie Double AirGun Match

Report By Steve Cooper, CMP
The 2010 Dixie Double Precision Air Rifle and Pistol Event gave junior and veteran shooters alike an opportunity to improve their game in a challenging environment at the 80-firing point CMP Marksmanship Center in Anniston, Alabama. Despite a calendar crowded with airgun events taking place nationwide and abroad, several of the country’s top air rifle and air pistol shooters brought their talents to the CMP Marksmanship Center during the 60-shot-times-two standing event, held Saturday and Sunday, 13 and 14 November.

Selina Curren

A pair of US Army Marksmanship Unit soldiers took the top two podium spots in the open category of the CMP’s second annual Dixie Double Precision Air Rifle and Air Pistol Event, but University of Kentucky and USA Shooting’s Ashley Jackson, 22, wasn’t far off the pace. USAMU Shooter SFC Jason Parker finished first with a 1396 score, with his USAMU teammate SSG Hank Gray second with a 1385 score. Ashley Jackson applied pressure to members of the US Army Marksmanship Unit and took third overall with a 1381. Ashley finished with two impressive 100+ finals scores on each day of the 2010 Dixie Double.

Selina Curren

Selina Curren, 14, picked up a BB gun for the first time a year ago and began shooting competitively with her 4-H club and has shown rapid improvement. At the 2010 Alabama Sports Festival she placed first in the 13 to 15-year-old class BB gun championship, second in the .22 rifle silhouette match and third in three-position .22 rifle match. A member of the Magic City Gun Club, coached by Perry Mitchell, Curren jumped to precision air rifle in September 2010 and made her first appearance at the Dixie Double this year.

“I’m learning things quickly,” she said after firing a second day score of 532 of a possible 600 in her second 60-shot precision air rifle standing match in two days. She improved by 30 points over her Saturday score of 502.

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