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July 10th, 2013

NRA National Rifle and Pistol Matches Open with a Bang

With a B-25 fly-over, music from the 122nd U.S. Army Band, a Flag ceremony, and the roar of a replica 1812-era cannon, the 2013 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Matches got underway at Camp Perry (Port Clinton, OH) on July 8th. Over 2000 competitors will participate in the matches in July and August.

Ohio’s Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, speaking to a crowd of over 400 attendees, noted that the National Match venue has been significantly upgraded. Over $2.9 million has been spent to improve infrastructure, fix sidewalks, and upgrade the lodging available for shooters at Camp Perry. Master of Ceremonies Judy Legerski stated that: “The matches at Camp Perry have given us some of the finest competitors and friends we will ever know.”

Shouldering a match-grade M1 Carbine, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John S. Crosby fired the first shot downrange, officially opening this year’s event. The National Matches are hosted jointly each year by the NRA, CMP, and Ohio National Guard. The five-week event is a major operation. A combined legion of 6,000 civilian and military competitors, volunteers, spectators, vendors, and family members come to the Camp Perry Joint Training Center (CPJTC) each summer.

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July 10th, 2013

Mobile App Allows Anonymous Geo-Tagging of Gun Owners gun owner geo tracker app Walking ToolsOn July 4th, the Walking Tools Laboratory released the Gun Geo Marker App for Android OS Devices. This App lets users anonymously tag the locations of gun owners: “The Gun Geo Marker operates very simply, letting parents and community members mark, or geolocate, sites associated with potentially unsafe guns and gun owners. These locations are typically the homes or businesses of suspected unsafe gun owners, but might also be public lands or other locations where guns are not handled safely, or situations where proper rights to own or use any particular type of firearm may not exist.” The App’s creators add: “[Y]ou should mark any location about which you have a gun-related concern.” View Gun Geo Marker Website. gun owner geo tracker app Walking Tools

This tagging process is disturbing. As the Free Patriot website explains: “The applications’s entire purpose is to document and map the personal addresses of people who own guns. The ‘irresponsible’ part of that is completely at the discretion of the person [doing the tagging].”

The App’s developers encourage users to tag locations anonymously: “Happy Independence Day to all! What better way to spend your holiday than by exercising your first amendment right and making your neighborhood a safer place simply by anonymously marking the locations of any guns or owners of concern?”

The App developers have a clear anti-gun agenda: “If enough members of your community take the time to mark dangerous gun sites and owners, then this crowd-sourced data may … perhaps even influence national policy. It is a shame that this kind of ‘tattle ware’ is necessary, but it may be the only option….” gun owner geo tracker app Walking ToolsApp Threatens Gun Owners
This geo-tagging App can be abused in many ways. First, the “tags” violate the privacy of law-abiding gun owners. Second, while the stated purpose of the App is to identify “potentially unsafe guns and gun owners”, there is no standard for determining “potentially unsafe”. Persons or businesses can be tagged solely to intimidate or harass. By pinpointing the location of gun owners, the tags also provide a road map for thieves. As one App reviewer states: “This app does nothing but invade the privacy of legal gun owners, and put them at risk of home robberies”.

Critical Comments from Google App Store Users:
The makers of this app should be ashamed. The makers are asking people to rat out their neighbors. Thieves can use this app to know which houses to rob when the owners are off at work. Yes, the developers of this app have given criminals another excellent tool….

Anyone can mark anyone whether they own a gun or not. This is not reliable and only serves to invade the privacy of law-abiding citizens. It should be removed at once and never made available again.

“Crime Magnet — This is dangerous and invasive. Dangerous because it allows criminals to determine where they might steal firearms. This has already happened thanks to a newspaper in New York.

Purely subjective and wrought with potential for abuse both by person doing marking AND potential criminals. This kind of app should be banned!

Great app for sheeple and criminals wanting to know which houses from which to steal firearms. Wonderful for attempting to stifle the 2nd Amendment rights and assisting Big Brother with violating the 4th Amendment as well.

App Developed with Tax-Payer Money?
The Gun Geo Marker App was developed by Walking Tools Laboratory, which is affiliated with the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). Associated with Walking Tools is Brett Stalbaum, “a full-time lecturer and coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts Major (ICAM) at UCSD”. We assume, therefore, that this App was developed, at least in part, by persons receiving tax-payer dollars through UCSD.

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July 10th, 2013

Free Digital Magazine for Rimfire and Air Rifle Shooters

There is a new digital magazine for Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest enthusiasts, The Benchrest Shooter. You can download the premier, Summer 2013 edition for free. This initial trial version of the digital magazine is free to all member states of the WRABF and ERABSF, allowing readers to preview the type of articles planned for future editions. Here is a link for a free download:

Download ‘The Benchrest Shooter’ PDF Version (71 MB)

Download ‘The Benchrest Shooter’ Flash Version (54 MB, not for iPads) benchrest shooter digital magazine WRABF

The free download links will be valid for the next two weeks — so grab this issue while you can. Future editions will be by paid subscription only. The magazine’s creators plan to produce four (4) issues of The Benchrest Shooter eZine per year, costing $3.50/ €3 per issue (based on an annual subscription price of $14/ €12). Articles in future issues will include:

  • Review of the Plzen World Championships
  • Product reviews — airline cases, rifles, components, rests, etc.
  • Plans for building your own front rest
  • Barrel tuners — how to choose one and how to use one
  • Country profiles and the international community

The editors of The Benchrest Shooter encourage air rifle and rimfire benchrest competitors to get involved: “The magazine in many respects is about you, your countries, the sport, development of equipment, and sharing ideas. [We] hope that people would submit articles about such ideas and products for future issues. The magazine can supply a great more detail than a forum for instance. All advertising supports WRABF and ERABSF sponsorship. The first year is a trial to see if the new eZine will be cost-effective.”

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