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July 20th, 2013

Firebird Exploding Targets from the UK Are Fun, Easy to Use

We thought the USA enjoyed the coolest shooting stuff. But the Brits may have one-upped us this time. Now available in the United Kingdom (but not the USA) are Firebird exploding, reactive targets. These affordable, pyrotecnic targets are offered in four different models: Hi-velocity rifle (rimfire and centerfire), Air Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery. Unlike the binary explosive kits available in the USA, Firebird targets are ready-to go right out of the box. You just take the adhesive-backed target disc out of the box, and place it on the target frame. (The air rifle version requires a small retaining cup behind the target disc.) For the shotgun Firebird targets, you simply stick the Firebird disc on the back of a clay pigeon. Peel and stick — simple as that.

Firebird Reactive stick-on targets

Here’s a video showing Firebird targets in use. (See more videos on the Firebird website). Looks like good fun to us — the targets go bang with a puff of smoke when hit. Simple to use. No messy chemicals. No mixing required. Just stick ‘em on the target backer and shoot. Kudos to the Brits for bringing this to market in the UK. Hopefully we will see Firebird targets on this side of the Atlantic sometime soon.

firebird reactive targets centerfire UKSniperfire Exploding Targets
The Firebird SniperFire 40mm and 65mm are designed specifically for use with any high velocity firearm, rimfire or centerfire. Backed with double-sided tape, SniperFire targets can be affixed to any clean, dray and uniform surface such as plywood, fluted plastic, or stiff cardboard. Now being used by military and police units in many countries, the Firebird SniperFire is a practical training tool that gives shooters “instant gratification” when hitting the target. SniperFire targets cost £18.95 ($28.92) for twenty 40mm discs, or £19.95 ($30.45) for twenty 65mm discs.

firebird reactive targets centerfire UKAirflash Standard Air Rifle Exploding Targets
Specifically designed for use with air rifles, Firebird Airflash Targets come in 40mm or 65mm sizes. Once hit with an air rifle pellet, the target ignites with “a significant pyrotechnic reaction and loud report” as the Brits say. In other words, it goes “bang” with big cloud of smoke. The £24.95 Airflash Starter Kit includes twenty 40mm reactive targets and an Airflash Magplate (sort of like a small-cupholder). Airflash 40mm refills (with 20 targets) cost £18.45. The 65mm refills are £19.95.

Firebird Reactive stick-on targets

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July 20th, 2013

New Bushnell Tactical Spotting Scope with Optional H32 Reticle Bushnell LMSS Tactical Spotting ScopeBushnell Outdoor Products has introduced a new compact, roof prism spotting scope. The new Bushnell Elite Tactical 8-40x60mm Lightweight Modular Spotting Scope (LMSS) features a rubber-armored housing, ED Glass, and an optional (extra cost) H32 ranging reticle. A Picatinny rail is supplied that fits to the bottom of the LMSS.

The Elite Tactical 8-40x 60mm LMSS features ED Prime glass, BAK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics. The LMSS is available in both a standard (clear view) model or with the Horus Vision H32 reticle, a highly-regarded ranging reticle. With a minimum 8X magnification, and a maximum of 40 power, the LMSS is extremely versatile.

Sheathed in rubber armor, the LMSS spotting scope is fog-proof and meets IPX7 waterproof standards. It also features the water-repellant RainGuard HD lens coating, a patented Bushnell technology that we have found works very well.

The spotting scope includes a detachable picatinny rail, giving users the ability to quickly and easily mount the spotter to a firearm or tripod system. The Elite Tactical 8-40x 60mm LMSS is available for an estimated retail price of $1699.99 or $2,199.99 with the Horus H32 reticle.

Bushnell Bulletproof 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Every product in the Elite Tactical series is covered by the Bushnell limited lifetime warranty. The entire product line is also backed with the new one-year, no-risk Bushnell Bulletproof Guarantee. The 100% money-back guarantee is valid up until one year from date of purchase.

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July 20th, 2013

California Rifle & Pistol Association Seeks Field Rep

California Rifle And Pistol Association Flag logoWould you like to help lead the fight for gun rights in the Golden State? Then read on. The California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) is now seeking a full-time Field Rep with a salary of $45,000 per year. With 42,000 members statewide, the CRPA is the largest and oldest pro-Second Amendment/Pro-Hunting organization headquartered in California.

The Field Representative job is an exciting, challenging position that takes you out of the office. You’ll get paid to travel all around California spreading the “good news” about the CRPA at shooting competitions, gun shows, sporting goods stores, and ranges. The Field Rep holds a key position. You will be the primary “point man” for the CRPA at many events statewide.

CRPA Protects and Defends Second Amendment and Hunting Rights in California. Since its founding in 1875, the CRPA has been the guiding force in the development and coordination of statewide shooting championships. In addition, the CRPA serves as the official state affiliate of the National Rifle Association. The CRPA coordinates an aggressive legislative advocacy and effective litigation programs.

Position Title: Field Representative

Location: CALIFORNIA (Extensive ongoing travel, throughout the state)
Salary: $45,000 Annually, plus company vehicle, benefits, expense reimbursement, lap top computer, and cell phone.

Education – An A.A., A.S., or higher degree in public relations, communications, political science, business or public administration, criminal justice or a related field is desirable.

Position Key Characteristics: Under the general direction of the Executive Director, incumbent serves as the sole Field Rep. for the CRPA. Incumbent’s primary focus is membership development and making the CRPA name, goals, and objectives widely known by the public. Incumbent must possess a strong knowledge of shooting sports, firearms, and hunting activities. This position requires frequent ongoing travel and working days, unusual hours, evenings, and most weekends. This position will write a monthly column in our publication and provide staff support to the CRPA Volunteer Development Committee and the CRPA Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Committee. Incumbent must be mature, professional, and possess excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing.

To Apply: Call CRPA at 1-800-305-2772 or email and ask for the CRPA application packet, including supplemental questions, emailed to you. Recruitment Closing Date: THE COMPLETED CRPA APPLICATION PACKET MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, August 13, 2013 – 4:00 PM (No postmarks).

NOTE: This is an “at will” position and only one year of funding for this position has been secured at this time. Future funding will be based on the contribution this position makes to the CRPA.

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