October 12th, 2014

Stand and Deliver — DeMille Shows How It’s Done

The Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches are underway right now in Phoenix, at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. One of yesterday’s match winners was Dennis DeMille, General Manager of Creedmoor Sports, and a past National High Power Rifle Champion (2005). In the Military Rifle Match, Dennis showed how it was done, firing a 286-9X, to win the match. Below, shooting his 7.62×51 M1A, Dennis demonstrates his flawless form in standing.

Dennis Demille Creedmoor Sports

Dennis Demille Creedmoor Sports

Other Western Games shooters offered these comments about Dennis DeMille:

“CWO DeMille was my former OIC at Edson Range. I was part of the MCRD Shooing Team when he was the OIC as well. This man is Marksmanship — a true Gun Slinger and good friend.” — K.S.

“I have shot along side him before. [Dennis] just plain rocks in Service Rifle.” — Mike M.

“Other than the additional grey hair, some things never change.” — Mark T. V.M.

“Except for that ‘7’, standing!” — Emil P.

Match photos courtesy the Shooter’s Journal Facebook Group Page. File photo lower left courtesy First Shot Online Magazine.

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