December 22nd, 2014

Top-Selling Products from NRA Online Store

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NRAstore merchandise buyer Brian Evans has a list of his best-selling products, based on online sales. In ascending order, the Top 5 best-selling products for this 2014 holiday season are:

5) Critical Food Supply – The Critical Food Supply ($134.95) provides 56 nutritious meal servings in an easy-to-transport bin. Perfect for emergencies, varieties include chili macaroni and tortilla soup.

4) Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt – Developed exclusively for the NRAstore, this CCW Hooded Sweatshirt has a discrete compartment for carry pistols. This $59.95 hoody is the only product of its kind, according to the NRAStore.

NRAStore sale Christmas

3) Concealed Carry Denim Jacket – Made in the USA, this $84.95 denim jacket is specially engineered with CCW features for NRA members.

2) Concealed Carry Handbag – This $149.95 leather handbag features a discreet, lockable side compartment that securely holsters a self-defense handgun. (Available colors: red, cognac, and black.)

And the #1-Selling item is the NRA Handgunner Backpack

The Handgunner Backpack ($119.95) features a slide-out, four gun cradle, with pockets for ammo and other range gear. Measuring 17″ wide, 22″ high and 9″ deep, the pack has plenty of room for gear.

NRAStore sale Christmas

NRA Handgunner BackpackQuad-Pistol Gear Hauler
The cleverly-designed Handgunner Backpack carries up to four pistols. Undo the zipper, slide out the compartment, place your pistols in one of the four foam gun cradles. Store your magazines in a zip-up side pocket with six (6) individual mag sleeves. There are also specially designed compartments for ammo boxes, muffs, protective eyewear, target stapler, and more. You’ll find handy embroidered patches showing the right spot for each gear item.

Lars Dalseide, editor of the NRAblog, tells us this pack is comfortable and sturdy. The shoulder straps and the rear back panel feature moisture-wicking padding and the pack comes with a waterproof cover. And the pack won’t collapse when you set it on a bench — it stands up on its own.

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