December 13th, 2010

Great Gift Shirts from Creedmoor Sports

Creedmoor SportsIf you’re looking for a modestly-priced holiday gift for a shooting buddy that is sure to bring him (or her) a smile, consider a shooting-theme T-shirt from Creedmoor Sports. Regularly priced at $12.95, these shirts are marked down to just $10.00 for the holidays. Creedmoor’s graphic T-shirts are emblazoned with clever messages such as: “Life’s Too Short to Shoot 9s”, and “X-Ring: The Only Six Inches That Matter”. There are also gift shirts for family members. Options include: “World’s Greatest DAD”, “Father of the World’s Greatest Kids”. There are more fashionable specialty shirts for the ladies: “Shoot Like a Girl … If You Can”, “Nothing Says Love Like a Girl and her AR-15″ (women’s shirts $18.00 on sale, normally $21.95). And for serious shooters who prefer to let their guns do the talking, there are simple designs with just an M16 or M1 Garand logo.

Long-Sleeve and Sweatshirt models also
These Creedmoor shirts are available in white or gray fabric. And, with most of Creedmoor’s graphic designs, you can get a long-sleeve T-shirt version for $2.00 extra, a crewneck sweatshirt version for $5.00 more, or a hooded sweatshirt version for $10.00 more. (Holiday discount pricing listed; regular prices are higher.)

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