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December 25th, 2010

Happy Holidays to All — And Some Special ‘Thank-Yous’

We wish all of our readers Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope you’re enjoying time with your family today, whether you’re basking in the sun in Australia, or shoveling snow up in Finland near the Arctic Circle.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have generously donated to the site over the past year. (Please, if you’ve donated and are a Forum member, tell us your Forum “nickname” so we can acknowledge your contribution).

Deep Creek Range, Montana

We also want to thank the many individuals who help this site by donating their time testing gear, helping with the Forum, and/or writing articles. This includes Jason Baney, Vince Bottomley, Laurie Holland, Speedy Gonzales, “Graymist”, Bryan Litz, Chris (“Techshooter”) Long, Larry Medler, Danny Reever, German Salazar, Jerry Tierney, and all the folks who have helped with Gun of the Week stories. And we want to say thanks to our commercial sponsors that have supported the site through advertising or donated items for auction.
Belgrade Christmas
And Blessed Are the Programmers
This Christmas we want to give special recognition to Vladimir Prelovac and his talented team of young programmers in Belgrade, Serbia. Starting with our “wish-list” for an enhanced, “enterprise-quality” web site, these guys worked very hard, for many months, to deliver all that we asked for — and more. This required hundreds of hours of database programming, layout work, and creative site design. If you like the new and improved site, we have these hard-working guys to thank for it. By the way, if you’re curious, most Serbians in Belgrade are Oxthodox Christians, and yes, they celebrate Christmas just like we do — only a few days later. The Serbian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar, so Christmas in Belgrade currently falls on January 7th, 2011.

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December 25th, 2010

Sam Hall Named IBS 600-Yard Shooter of the Year for 2010

Sam Hall Shooter of Year IBS2010 IBS 600-yard Shooter of the Year honors have just been announced. Sam Hall of Boonville, NC stole the show again this year, securing 100 points to earn another Shooter of the Year (SOY) Title. Congrats Sam! Not far behind was Dasher Ace (and a former Shooter of the Year) Richard Schatz with 86 Points. Brenda Hobbs was the Female Shooter of the Year with 7 Championship points, while Stanley Clarke’s 6 points him earned him “Rookie SOY” honors.

Here are the final standings, courtesy Dick Grosbier of the IBS:

IBS Shooter of the Year Rankings
1. Samuel Hall – 100 points
2..Richard Schatz – 86 points
3. Dan Hobbs – 50 points
4. Glen Sterling – 39 points
5. Rich Griffin – 32 points

Female SOY: Brenda Hobbs (7 points)
Rookie SOY : Stanley Clark (6 points)

Some months ago, Sam Hall revealed many of his shooting secrets and gun-handling tips in a short video. Because of windy conditions, the audio track is pretty poor, but if you pay attention you can learn some very valuable lessons from Sam:

YouTube Preview Image
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