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December 26th, 2010

Loh-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas — Guess What Santa Brought?

John LohThis Christmas Santa (in the guise of John Loh) brought us a most wonderful gift — a special edition JJ Industries front Ultra-Rest, customized for + If you have never used (or fondled) a John Loh rest, we can assure you it is a masterpiece of machining. Loh Rests are rock-solid and utterly smooth in use. The horizontal windage tracking is perfect — absolutely smooth and linear. You can move the windage all the way from max left to max right and back again and your horizontal cross-hair stays rock steady. And for fine elevation adjustments, the gold-tone “speed screw” is as good as it gets. John employs a super-fine thread pitch so you can easily make very precise up/down corrections.

The “feel” of the controls is what really sets a John Loh rest apart from the competition. Everything is ultra-smooth — as though the controls were running on tiny ball bearings. This is achieved by maintaining super-fine tolerances on all threaded components.

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Separate Base Unit Provides Secure Footing
John Loh also provided a custom triangle base, which mates perfectly to the three adjustable feet on the pedestal rest. This base, which has circular rubber pads at each of the corners, provides extra grip and stability for the rest. In addition, it allows you to position the front rest securely without creating screw holes in your benchtop. (In case you’re wondering, yes if you already own a Loh rest, John can craft a triangle base like this for your unit.) Also, FYI, the small scratches in the base unit were our fault — we didn’t retract the pointed tips of the height-adjustment screws when transporting the unit. FYI, in the triangle base, John does machine three countersunk recesses for the screw-tips, so you can precisely locate the rest each time without scratches. To avoid scratches, simply carry the black Ultra-Rest separate from the triangle base.

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Another nice feature John provided in our special rest was an extra black rectangular “riser” block that fits between the normal base and the upper section (riser not shown in photos). This raises the whole bag assembly up an extra inch. That extra “lift” comes in handy when your target is placed “uphill” at a much higher elevation than the benchtop. The riser block is so nicely made and finished that it looks like part of the original unit when installed.

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AccurateShooter Field Tested GearEdgewood Bag and Bag-Block Included
As with all his pedestal rests, John Loh supplies a high-quality Edgewood leather and cordura bag in your choice of fore-arm width. In addition, the rest comes with a precision-crafted bag-block, with integral bubble level. The bag-block helps maintain the proper front bag geometry, and the level helps you ensure that the bag itself provides a level surface for your rifle. This is important! Many people level their rest, only to have a bag that is higher on one side than the other. In addition to the level in the bag-block, the Loh rest features an easy-to-see bubble level mounted on the rear-facing leg.

John Loh Front Rest

If you’re interested in purchasing a JJ Industries front Ultra-Rest, contact John Loh at (562) 602-5553 or email info [at] Sinclair Int’l also sells the JJ Industries Ultra-Rest for $879.95, but the product is currently back-ordered at Sinclair. We suggest you order directly through John.

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December 26th, 2010

PVA-ORHF Organizes Outdoor Recreation for Wounded Veterans

The Paralyzed Veterans of America-Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund (PVA-ORHF) provides recreational opportunities for seriously wounded veterans. According to the PVA-ORHF, when wounded servicemen and women are asked what they’d like to do again during/after their rehabilitation, a frequent answer is: “I’d like to go hunting and fishing again.” PVA-ORHF makes that possible. These programs help our heroes heal, gain confidence in their abilities, build new support networks and, in general, be happier and more positive about life. Scheduled 2011 events for wounded veterans include:

PVA ORHF VeteransJan: Devil Dog Elk Hunt — Raton, NM
Feb: Pig Hunt Bradley Ranch — Amarillo, TX
March: Turkey Hunt — Jacksonville, FL
April: Turkey Hunts — Amarillo, TX and Billings, MT
May: Turkey Hunt — Warrenton, VA
May: Black Bear Hunt — Tyonek, AK
July: Kenai Fishing — Kenai, AK
Sept: Moose Hunt — Chena Lake, AK
Oct: Pheasant Hunt — Parker, SD
Nov: Whitetail Deer — Warrenton, VA

You can assist PVA-ORHF in its efforts by making a tax-deductible gift. Log on to where you can donate to a permanent endowment fund established to support hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor activities for America’s wounded heroes. To learn more about PVA’s outdoor programs for wounded veterans, visit

PVA ORHF Veterans

“Sports and outdoor recreation play an enormous role in helping our seriously wounded veterans help themselves. Sports are life saving and quality-of-life changing. You just need to see the faces of these guys and gals, many of whom had lost the will to live when they were injured, to understand the impact sports have. Thanks to ORHF and Paralyzed Veterans of America’s world-class sports program, these folks go from hospital beds to taking their first steps back to independence-whether it’s through trap shooting or shooting hoops.

We support many different outdoor sports including fishing, hand-cycling, recreational shooting and hunting, and other sports. Our events are open to all America’s paralyzed veterans and all people with disabilities.”

Joseph L. Fox, Sr. (US Marine Corps, Ret.)
Chairman, Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund

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