December 6th, 2010

Cowboy Shooters Compete in Indoor Championship at Annual SASS Convention

The 9th Annual SASS Convention and Indoor Championship will be held December 8-12 at the Riviera Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the Single Action Shooting Society’s annual gathering, SASS members can attend seminars on shooting skills, reloading, gun maintenance, stage planning, and match management. Firearms vendors will display their wares, and a wide variety of activities will be held, including: Indoor World Championship, Classic Cowboy Saloon Dance, Hall of Fame Induction, and Wild West Performers (e.g. Trick Ropers, Gun Spinners, and Bullwhip Artists). The Popular “Cowboys in the Sky” CW band will perform on Friday night.

SASS Convention Las Vegas

Indoor Shooting Championship with Wax Bullets
The SASS Indoor World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting is a three-day, nine-stage shooting competition to be held during the SASS Convention in Las Vegas. Competitors will shoot supplied firearms and wax bullets at steel targets in a variety of Cowboy Action Shooting scenarios. The ammunition is powderless, as the wax projectiles are propelled by standard primers only. This allows shooting indoors, within the convention center itself.

SASS Convention Las VegasEditor’s Comment: Traditionalists may scoff at the use of wax bullets, but SASS has devised a form of action shooting that can be safely done indoors (on hotel premises) without ricochet risks and without pollution issues. By adapting its game to an indoor setting, SASS has added something new to the shooting sports, and has provided an exciting adjunct to its annual Convention. When shooters get together, they want to shoot. The wax-bullet technology allows SASS Convention-goers to enjoy shooting without traveling miles to a formal indoor or outdoor range. There may be something here that can be adapted to other shooting sports. We can certainly see the potential for winter indoors rifle training using primer-propelled wax bullets. Keep in mind however, that shooters must still employ normal safe-shooting procedures; even wax bullets can cause serious injuries.

Photo courtesy Single Action Shooting Society